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  1. Wilhelm II was the son of Prince Frederick William of Prussia and Victoria, Princess Royal. His father was the son of Wilhelm I, German Emperor, and his mother was the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Wilhelm's grandfather, Wilhelm I, died in March 1888.

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    Wilhelm was born on 27 January 1859 and was the oldest child in his family. His father was Prince Frederick of Prussia. His mother was Princess Victoria, the eldest daughter of Queen Victoriaof the United Kingdom. He was born with a disabled left arm. He married in 1881 Augusta Victoria. He and his wife had seven children. He studied at the Kassel ...

    He became leader of Germany in 1888, when his father died. He disagreed with his father's longtime chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, and dismissed him in 1890. Wilhelm believed in strengthening Germany’s armed forces, especially the navy. He led Germany during World War I.

    27 January 1859 – 9 March 1888: His Royal HighnessPrince Wilhelm of Prussia
    9 March 1888 – 15 June 1888: His Imperial Highness and Royal Highness The German Crown Prince, Crown Prince of Prussia
    15 June 1888 – 18 November 1918: His Imperial and Royal MajestyThe German Emperor, King of Prussia
  2. Guillermo II de Alemania. Guillermo II de Alemania (en alemán: Wilhelm II; Berlín, 27 de enero de 1859 - Doorn, 4 de junio de 1941) fue el último emperador alemán ( Deutscher Kaiser) y rey de Prusia, reinando desde 1888 hasta su abdicación en 1918. Como nieto mayor de la reina Victoria, sus primos hermanos incluían al rey Jorge V del ...

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    On 27 Februar 1881, Croun Prince Prince Wilhelm o Proushie, German Croun Prince mairit Auguste Viktoria o Schleswig-Holstein havin been refused bi his cousin Princess Elisabeth o Hesse an bi Rhine.

    Wilhelm, German Croun Prince ( 6 Mey 1882 – 20 Julie 1951) mairit Princess Cecilie o Mecklenburg-Schwerinan haed issue.
    Prince Eitel Friedrich o Proushie (7 Julie 1883 – 8 December 1942) mairit Princess Sophia Charlotte o Oldenburgbut haed nae issue.
    Prince Adalbert o Proushie 14 Julie 1884 – 22 September 1948) mairit Princess Adelheid o Saxe-Meiningenan haed issue.
    Prince Prince August Wilhelm o Proushie (29 Januar 1887 – 25 Mairch 1949) mairit Princess Alexandra Viktoria o Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburgan haed issue.
    27 Januar 1859 – 9 Mairch 1888 His Ryal HighnessPrince Wilhelm o Proushie.
    9 Mairch 1888 – 15 Juin 1888 His Imperial and Ryal HighnessThe German Croun Prince, Crown Prince o Proushie.
    15 Juin 1888 – 18 November 1918 His Imperial an Ryal MajestyThe German Emperor, King o Proushie
    18 November 1918 - 4 Juin 1941 His Imperial an Ryal MajestyThe German Emperor, King o Proushie (in pretense)


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  3. Wilhelm II., mit vollem Namen Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert von Preußen, (* 27. Januar 1859 in Berlin; † 4. Juni 1941 in Doorn in den Niederlanden) aus dem Haus Hohenzollern, war von 1888 bis 1918 letzter Deutscher Kaiser und König von Preußen. Wilhelm war ein Enkel Kaiser Wilhelms I. und ein Sohn Kaiser Friedrichs III.

  4. The German Emperor ( German: Deutscher Kaiser, pronounced [ˌdɔɪ̯t͡ʃɐ ˈkaɪ̯zɐ] ( listen)) was the official title of the head of state and hereditary ruler of the German Empire. A specifically chosen term, it was introduced with the 1 January 1871 constitution and lasted until the official abdication of Wilhelm II on 9 November 1918. [1]