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    A Dutch oven (not to be confused with masonry oven) is a thick-walled cooking pot with a tight-fitting lid. Dutch ovens are usually made of seasoned cast iron; however, some Dutch ovens are instead made of cast aluminium, or ceramic. Some metal varieties are enameled rather than being seasoned, and these are sometimes called French ovens.

  2. The Dutch Language Union (Dutch: Nederlandse Taalunie (help · info), NTU) is an international regulatory institution that governs issues regarding the Dutch language. It is best known for its spelling reforms which are promulgated by member states, grammar books, the Green Booklet and its support of Dutch language courses and studies worldwide.

  3. Village pump – Forum for discussions about Wikipedia itself, including policies and technical issues. Site news – Sources of news about Wikipedia and the broader Wikimedia movement. Teahouse – Ask basic questions about using or editing Wikipedia. Help desk – Ask questions about using or editing Wikipedia.

  4. Wikipedia is onderdeel van de Wikimedia Foundation, een non-profitorganisatie, en heeft diverse zusterprojecten die ook van de wikisoftware gebruikmaken: Wikinieuws Vrije nieuwsbron WikiWoordenboek

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    The use of "Dutch" as an English language pejorative adjective came as a result of the multiple Anglo-Dutch Wars of the 17th century. Similarly themed phrases developed since then, including Dutch wife ( sex doll ), Dutch courage (boldness while drunk), Double Dutch (gibberish), Dutch agreement (a drunken agreement), Dutch leave (defecting), and going Dutch (paying for oneself).

  6. There are 27 municipalities with language facilities (Dutch: faciliteitengemeenten; French: communes à facilités; German: Fazilitäten-Gemeinden) in Belgium which must offer linguistic services to residents in Dutch, French, or German in addition to their single official languages.

  7. Major conflicts were fought in the Eighty Years' War against Spain (from the foundation of the Dutch Republic until 1648), the Dutch–Portuguese War (1602–1663), four Anglo-Dutch Wars (the first against the Commonwealth of England, two against the Kingdom of England, and a fourth against the Kingdom of Great Britain: 1652–1654, 1665–1667, 1672–1674 and 1780–1784), the Franco-Dutch ...