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  1. En la mitología griega, Hades (en griego antiguo ᾍδης Hadēs, originalmente Ἅιδης Haidēs o Ἀΐδης Aïdēs —dórico Ἀΐδας Aidas—, ‘el invisible’) [1] alude tanto al antiguo inframundo griego como al dios de este.

  2. Times New Roman,Обычный" 2 Times New Roman,Обычный" 2Страница . Fotyanov Aleksej Grigorevich Фотьянов Алексей Григорьевич

  3. For example, if the father's name was Иван (Ivan), the patronymic will be Иванович (Ivanovich) for a son and Ивановна (Ivanovna) for a daughter. If the suffix is being appended to a name ending in a й ("y") or a soft consonant , the initial o in the suffixes - ович (-ovich) and - овна (-ovna) becomes a е ("ye") and the suffixes change to - евич (-yevich) and ...

  4. 14/04/2022 · Sergei Ivanovich MENYAILO (Сергей Иванович МЕНЯЙЛО) Gender: male. DOB: 22.8.1960. POB: Alagir, North-Ossetian Autonomous SSR, RSFSR (now Russian Federation) Former Governor of the Ukrainian annexed city of Sevastopol. Former Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation to the Siberian Federal ...

  5. Grigory Ivanovich Butakov: Yantar, Kaliningrad 13 July 2013: 5 March 2016: By 2024: Sold to India, under construction ex-Admiral Istomin: Vladimir Ivanovich Istomin: Yantar, Kaliningrad 15 November 2013 [citation needed] 16 November 2017: By 2024: ex-Admiral Kornilov: Vladimir Alexeyevich Kornilov: Yantar, Kaliningrad: 16 November 2017

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    Vyacheslav Ivanov suggests that the ancients viewed all that is human and all that is revered as divine as relative and transient: "Only Fate (Eimarmene), or universal necessity (Ananke), the inevitable 'Adrasteia,' the faceless countenance and hollow sound of unknown Destiny, was absolute."

  7. Vyacheslav Zudov — Soyuz 23; Eastern Bloc cosmonauts. From 1978–1988, the Soviet Union transported 11 citizens of 10 nations closely allied to the USSR in the Soyuz crewed vehicle. All of them flew as a result of the Interkosmos program. These space travelers have usually been referred to as "cosmonauts".