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  1. Dentro de la moda de los libros ilustrados para niños destaca la versión de El Gato con Botas que, en 1900, tradujo al inglés en verso e ilustró el británico Walter Crane. [21] Este artista tuvo la idea de que el gato fuera negro. Las ilustraciones se pueden disfrutar en la Galería.

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    Walter (name), both a surname and a given name; Little Walter, American blues harmonica player Marion Walter Jacobs (1930–1968) Walter (wrestler), Austrian professional wrestler and trainer Walter Hahn (born 1987) Walter, standard author abbreviation for Thomas Walter (botanist) (c. 1740 – 1789) Companies

  3. crane: [noun] any of a family (Gruidae of the order Gruiformes) of tall wading birds superficially resembling the herons but structurally more nearly related to the rails.

  4. Walter Payton Power Equipment is the largest crane and heavy equipment distributor in the Midwest with full-service facilities in Riverdale, IL, Lebanon, IN, New Albany, IN, and Taylor, MI. We offer new and pre-owned equipment from leading manufacturers including Manitowoc, Grove, National, Manitou, Manitex, PM, Trimble, and Talbert.

  5. Caldwell, George W. (George Walter), 1866-1946 ¶ The Legends of San Francisco (English) (as Author) Caldwell, Mary. See: Tourtel, Mary, 1874-1948. Caldwell, Mary French ¶ Andrew Jackson's Hermitage (English) (as Author) Caldwell, Willie Walker, 1860-1946 ¶ Walker, Willie Brown; Donald McElroy, Scotch Irishman (English) (as Author) Calef ...

  6. Thackray has served Philadelphia and New Jersey for 70 years, with crane rentals, operators, warehouse storage and transport. 2071 Byberry Road, Philadelphia, PA 19116 1-844-99-CRANE

  7. Stephen Crane was the first in the Crane family to become a papermaker, buying his first mill, "The Liberty Paper Mill," in 1770. He sold currency-type paper to engraver Paul Revere, who printed the American Colonies' first paper money. In 1801, Crane was founded by Zenas Crane, Henry Wiswall and John Willard.