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  1. 8 de abr. de 2021 · This motion picture film examines world events that pulled the U.S. into World War II. Reel 1 dramatizes the early settling of the U.S., the signing of the D...

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  2. Part One: War Comes to America. Text: This film has been compiled from authentic newsreel, official United Nation, and captured enemy film. Use has been made of certain motion pictures with historical backgrounds. When necessary, for purposes of clarity, a few reenactments have been made under War Department Supervision.

  3. 1 de sept. de 2020 · Clip from Prelude to War, 111-OF-1. But the film also offers original images of Americana and things worth fighting for, as opposed to against. The last film in the series, War Comes to America, would explore this further. Among the new scenes created for Prelude to War is Capra quoting his own Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

  4. 14 de oct. de 2007 · War Comes to America (1945) : Dean Acheson, General Bergeret, A.A. Berle, Arno Breker, Frank Capra, Anatole Litvak: Movies & TV

  5. Episode number 7 of Series “Why we fight”. Last in a series of documentaries made to inform members of the American Armed Forces of the causes and events leading up to the United States’ entry into World War II.

  6. Seventh of seven films produced by the OWI.

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  7. Episode 7. Why We Fight is a series of seven propaganda films, produced by the US Army Signals Corps, under the direction of Frank Capra, between 1942 and 1945. The films were intended to be shown to US troops before they departed overseas. The mission of the films was two-fold: to provide an informative overview of the war; and to boost morale ...