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  1. Una verdad incómoda (An Inconvenient Truth) es una película documental del director Davis Guggenheim acerca de la campaña del exvicepresidente de Estados Unidos Al Gore para educar a los ciudadanos sobre el calentamiento global a través de una exhaustiva presentación de diapositivas que, según su propia estimación, ha dado más de mil veces.

  2. George 'Buck' Flower, Actor: Back to the Future. There aren't many actors who can claim that they appeared in everything from innocuous family features to sexy soft-core smut to popular television programs to various horror, science fiction, and exploitation movies as well as worked behind-the-scenes on a slew of films in assorted production capacities throughout the course of their careers.

  3. Sparkle is a 1976 American musical drama film directed by Sam O'Steen and released by Warner Bros. Pictures.With a plot inspired by the history of The Supremes, Sparkle is a period film set in Harlem, New York during the late 1950s and early 1960s.

  4. All these tributaries converge to form the Amazon river. con prep (a pesar de) despite prep : however adv : as prep : Con lo mucho que ha estudiado y no ha aprobado el examen. Despite studying really hard he didn't pass the exam. ⓘ Esta oración no es una traducción de la original. However hard you try, you won't beat me. con prep ...

  5. 10/10/1982 · Fitzcarraldo: Directed by Werner Herzog. With Klaus Kinski, José Lewgoy, Miguel Ángel Fuentes, Paul Hittscher. The story of Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald, an extremely determined man who intends to build an opera house in the middle of a jungle.

  6. Plot Part one. The film is set against a backdrop of World War I, the Russian Revolution of 1917, and the Russian Civil War.A narrative framing device, set in the late 1940s or early 1950s, involves NKVD Lieutenant General Yevgraf Andreyevich Zhivago searching for the daughter of his half-brother, Dr Yuri Andreyevich Zhivago, and Larissa ("Lara") Antipova.

  7. (computer) programme programa (m) (television) programme programa de televisión (m) actor / actress actor (m) , actriz (f) adventure film película de aventuras (f) advert (on TV) anuncio (m) appearance (theatre) aparición (f) band, group grupo (m) book libro (m) cartoon dibujos animados (m pl) cassette casete (m) , cassette (m) CD (compact disc) CD (disco compacto) cinema cine (m) clarinet ...