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  1. Web Vision Therapy is designed to be used under the supervision of an eye care professional. Improper use may be detrimental. An eye care professional must configure Web Vision Therapy to meet a patient's specific needs. Patient progress can be monitored remotely and changes to patient's therapy can be addressed by a configuration change.

  2. Pinol todo lo puede. Todas las mujeres son poderosas y Pinol quiso reconocerlas con “Nomina a la que Todo lo Puede”, una dinámica donde se nominaba a esa #MujerPoderosa que es admirada, un ejemplo a seguir y que se supera día con día.

  3. The Lift Off Test (also knows as Gerber’s Test) is commonly used in orthopedic examinations to test for a tear in subscapularis tendon or subscapularis tendonitis. It can also show scapular instability.

  4. Our automated pediatric billing system saves occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech-language pathologists the hassle of manual billing. Make your therapy billing more efficient with integrated billing software!

  5. Optimize your body or recover from an injury faster with PTX Therapy, your at-home, AI-based, virtual physical therapy provider. Get a free trial here.

  6. Book a session now with the best online therapists in Egypt. Choose from our online psychologist over 80 qualified Arabic-speaking mental health professionals. O7 Therapy.

  7. We’re the footwear and handbag fashion label to shop when you need to dive into some serious retail therapy online. Based in Australia, we have the season’s latest fashion bag and shoe trends; heels, sandals, slides, boots, loafers, ballet flats and pumps for going out, work, or staying at home!