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  1. He became the head of the House of Hohenzollern on 6 February 1965 following the death of his father Prince Friedrich, and remained so until his death on 16 September 2010. [1] According to the Romanian succession laws of the kingdom's last democratic Constitution of 1923, Friedrich Wilhelm's descendants have had a claim to the throne of Romania since 2017, when former King Michael passed away.

  2. Wilhelm, German Crown Prince, Crown Prince of Prussia (Friedrich Wilhelm Victor August Ernst; 6 May 1882 – 20 July 1951) was the eldest child of the last German Emperor, Wilhelm II, and his consort Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein. As Emperor Wilhelm's heir, he was the last Crown Prince of the German Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia.

  3. Ancestors of Prince William of England. Here is the pedigree of England's Heir Apparent presented as an ahnenreihe. To save space, ancestors beyond Generation 11 are omitted unless they are alleged descendants of Charlemagne or Alexander the Great.

  4. 04/06/2016 · Victoria and Albert's eldest daughter, also called Victoria, married Prince Frederick William of Prussia and who reigned as German Emperor only briefly owing to his premature death from cancer. That is the only link between the royal house of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha - later Windsor - and the Prussian House of Hohenzollern.

  5. 22/03/2021 · Then, Hohenzollern scion Crown-Prince Frederick William IV of Prussia built the castle that currently stands on Hohenzollern Burg. He traveled through southern Germany to explore his family's roots in 1819; climbing to the top of Mount Hohenzollern to claim his ancestral home.

  6. Federico III de Alemania (en alemán, Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Karl; Potsdam, 18 de octubre de 1831 - ib., 15 de junio de 1888) fue el segundo emperador alemán y octavo rey de Prusia, desde el 9 de marzo de 1888 hasta su fallecimiento, en junio del mismo año.

  7. Friedrich I. (Zollern-Schalksburg) (IX.) der Jüngere (1267–1302/09), Graf von Hohenzollern-Schalksburg ⚭ Udalhild (1262–1326), Tochter von Diephold, Graf von Aichelberg-Merkenberg → Nachfahren siehe unten, Linie Hohenzollern-Schalksburg