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  1. Gladstone became Lord of the Manor of the family estates at Hawarden, when its previous owner, his nephew, William Glynne Charles Gladstone, was killed in action in April 1915. Gladstone purchased the succession to the estate, paid off the outstanding mortgage and improved the house, which from 1921 was his home for the rest of his life.

  2. William Henry Walsh (18 December 1823 – 5 April 1888) was an Australian pioneer pastoralist or squatter and politician in early Queensland.He was a Member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly 1859-1859, Member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly 1865–1878, and a Member of the Queensland Legislative Council 1879–1888.

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    William Ewart Gladstone, brittiläinen liberaalipoliitikko, pääministeri 1868–1878, 1880–1885, ... William Henry Harrison, Yhdysvaltain presidentti 1841;

  4. William Pitt le Jeune (28 mai 1759 – 23 janvier 1806) est un homme d'État britannique de la fin du XVIII e et du début du XIX e siècle.Il devint le plus jeune Premier ministre de Grande-Bretagne lors de son élection en 1783 à l'âge de 24 ans. Il quitte le poste en 1801 mais redevient Premier ministre du Royaume-Uni de 1804 jusqu'à sa mort en 1806.

  5. Henry James, (born April 15, 1843, New York, New York, U.S.—died February 28, 1916, London, England), American novelist and, as a naturalized English citizen from 1915, a great figure in the transatlantic culture. His fundamental theme was the innocence and exuberance of the New World in clash with the corruption and wisdom of the Old, as illustrated in such works as Daisy Miller (1879), The ...

  6. 1865–1875: William Ewart Gladstone 1875–1880: Spencer Compton Cavendish 1880–1894: William Ewart Gladstone 1894–1898: William Vernon Harcourt 1899–1908: Henry Campbell-Bannerman 1908–1916: Herbert Henry Asquith (1925) Vorsitzende der Liberal Party von 1916 bis 1988. 1916–1926 Herbert Henry Asquith