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  1. Figure 21.19 This photograph (a) of Theodore Roosevelt (left) and his hand-picked successor William Howard Taft (right) just before Taft’s inauguration in 1909, was echoed in a Puck magazine cartoon (b) where “cowboy” Roosevelt hands off his “Policies” baby to “nurse-maid” Taft.

  2. Held on November 5, the election featured three major presidential candidates, represented by three political parties: incumbent William Howard Taft (Republican Party), New Jersey Governor Woodrow Wilson (Democratic Party), and former President Theodore Roosevelt (Progressive Party).

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    William Howard Taft The 27th President of the United States William Howard Taft Woodrow Wilson The 28th President of the United States Woodrow Wilson Warren G. Harding The ...

  4. 威廉·霍华德·塔夫脱(英语:William Howard Taft,1857年9月15日-1930年3月8日),美利坚合众国政治家、法学家,第27任美国总统(1909年3月4日-1913年3月4日),第10任美国首席大法官(1921年7月11日-1930年2月3日)。司法部长阿方索·塔夫脱之子。1878年毕业于耶鲁大学,而后到辛辛那提法学院学习,并 ...

  5. 5 de nov. de 2020 · 27th: William Howard Taft • Est. peak net worth: $3.1 million • In office: 1909-1913. William Howard Taft's father-in-law was a law partner of former president Rutherford B. Hayes.

  6. The Second Philippine Commission (the Taft Commission), established by President William McKinley on March 16, 1900, and headed by William Howard Taft, was granted legislative as well as limited executive powers. [5] Between September 1900 and August 1902, it issued 499 laws, established a judicial system, including a Supreme Court, drew up a ...

  7. 4 de oct. de 2023 · California Rep. Kevin McCarthy is the first House speaker to be removed from post. What the history of the motion to vacate portends for the GOP without him, per historian Thomas Balcerski.

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