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  1. Su pintura influyó en el desarrollo del movimiento simbolista europeo. Rossetti representaba a las mujeres obsesivamente estilizadas. Tendía a retratar a su nueva amante, Fanny Cornforth como el epitome del erotismo físico, mientras que otra de sus amantes, Jane Burden, esposa de su socio de negocios William Morris, la idealizaba como una diosa etérea.

  2. William Michael Rossetti, his brother, wrote in 1895: "He was never confirmed, professed no religious faith, and practised no regular religious observances; but he had ... sufficient sympathy with the abstract ideas and the venerable forms of Christianity to go occasionally to an Anglican church — very occasionally, and only as the inclination ruled him."

  3. Rossetti would rarely present his paintings in public. He also turned away from religious themes, choosing scenes from the literary works of William Shakespeare, Robert Browning, and Dante instead. In 1849, Rossetti met Elizabeth Siddall, one of his muses and models, whom he married in 1860.

  4. Christina Rossetti was an English poet, best known for penning down poems such as ‘Remember’ and ‘Goblin Market.’ Born and raised in London, Christina received early education at home by her parents.

  5. Alexa Wilding (born Alice Wilding, c. 1847 – 25 April 1884) was one of the favourite models of the Pre-Raphaelite artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti, featuring in some of his finest paintings of the later 1860s and 1870s.

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  7. On 24 March 1834 at Elm House, Walthamstow, William Morris was born to affluent parents Emma Morris (nee Shelton) and William Morris Snr, who by this point was a senior partner at brokers firm Sanderson & Co. His success with the firm led to the family moving, in 1840 to Woodford Hall in Essex, with their four young children.