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  1. William Michael Rossetti was a major contributor to the 1911 edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica; his contributions on artistic subjects were criticised by many reviewers at the time and since, as showing little evidence of having absorbed the mounting body of work by academic art historians, mostly writing in German.

  2. Christina Georgina Rossetti (Londra, 5 dicembre 1830 – Londra, 29 dicembre 1894) è stata una poetessa britannica, sorella di Dante Gabriel, William Michael e Maria Francesca. Il padre, Gabriele Rossetti, era un poeta italiano. La madre, Frances Polidori, era la sorella del medico di Lord Byron, John William Polidori

  3. Proserpine (also Proserpina) is an oil painting on canvas by English artist and poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti, painted in 1874 and now in Tate Britain.Rossetti began work on the painting in 1871 and painted at least eight separate versions, the last only completed in 1882, the year of his death.

  4. William Morris (Walthamstow, 24 marzo 1834 – Londra, 3 ottobre 1896) è stato un artista e scrittore britannico. William Morris all'età di 53 anni Fu tra i principali fondatori del movimento delle Arts and Crafts ; è considerato antesignano dei moderni designer ed ebbe una notevole influenza sull' architettura e sugli architetti del suo tempo.

  5. On 24 March 1834 at Elm House, Walthamstow, William Morris was born to affluent parents Emma Morris (nee Shelton) and William Morris Snr, who by this point was a senior partner at brokers firm Sanderson & Co. His success with the firm led to the family moving, in 1840 to Woodford Hall in Essex, with their four young children.

  6. William Morris, né le 24 mars 1834 à Walthamstow, Essex (aujourd'hui dans le borough londonien de Waltham Forest) et mort le 3 octobre 1896 à Hammersmith, Londres, est un fabricant, designer textile, imprimeur, écrivain, poète, conférencier, peintre, dessinateur et architecte britannique, célèbre à la fois pour ses œuvres littéraires, son engagement politique libertaire, son travail ...

  7. 综上,这首英文诗既非出自William Michael Rossetti,也不是John Keats的作品。这名网友回答内容的真实性也值得商榷。他是中文诗的真正作者还是来碰瓷的营销号,我无法确认。 这名网友在回答中煞有介事的说“全诗共四段”、“原全诗此处不赘述”。