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  1. Hace 20 horas · William Crawford, former U.S congressman from Pennsylvania William Carmichael, Former U.S Ambassador to Spain Alexander J. Dallas, served as the 6th United States Secretary of the Treasury and briefly as both Acting Secretary of War and Acting Secretary of State under the fourth U.S. President, James Madison

    • Method of Appointment
    • Styles and Titles of Governors-General
    • Backgrounds of Governors-General
    • Tenure
    • Constitutional Role and Functions
    • Ceremonial Role
    • Diplomatic Role
    • The Office of Governor-General as An Agency
    • History
    • Patronage

    The governor-general is formally appointed by the monarch of Australia, in terms of letters patent issued by the monarch at some time during their reign and counter-signed by the then prime minister. When a new governor-general is to be appointed, the current prime minister recommends a name to the monarch, who by convention accepts that recommenda...

    Governors-general have during their tenure the style His/Her Excellency the Honourable and their spouses have the style His/Her Excellency. Since May 2013, the style used by a former governor-general is the Honourable; it was at the same time retrospectively granted for life to all previous holders of the office. From the creation of the Order of A...

    All the governors-general until 1965 were British-born, except for Australian-born Sir Isaac Isaacs (1931–1936) and Sir William McKell (1947–1953). There have been only Australian occupants since then, although Sir Ninian Stephen (1982–1989) had been born in Britain. Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, was a senior member of the royal family. Dame Qu...

    The constitution does not set a term of office, so a governor-general may continue to hold office for any agreed length of time. In recent decades the typical term of office has been five years. Some early governors-general were appointed to terms of just one year (Lord Tennyson) or two years (Lord Forster; later extended). At the end of this initi...

    The Constitution of Australia, section 2, provides: Such further powers are currently set out in letters patent of 2008 from Queen Elizabeth II; these contain no substantive powers, but provide for the case of a governor-general's absence or incapacity.The constitution also provides that the governor-general is the monarch's "representative" in exe...

    In addition to the formal constitutional role, the governor-general has a representative and ceremonial role, though the extent and nature of that role has depended on the expectations of the time, the individual in office at the time, the wishes of the incumbent government, and the individual's reputation in the wider community. Governors-general ...

    The governor-general makes state visits overseas on behalf of Australia, during which an administrator of the government is appointed. The right of governors-general to make state visits was confirmed at the 1926 Imperial Conference, as it was deemed not feasible for the sovereign to pay state visits on behalf of countries other than the United Kin...

    The office of governor-general as an agency of the Commonwealth is regulated by the Governor-General Act 1974. The act provides the governor-general with a salary (fixed in 2014 at $425,000) and, after leaving office, a lifetime allowance fixed at two-thirds of the salary of the Chief Justice of the High Court. There is also provision for a survivi...

    The office of "governor-general" was previously used in Australia in the mid-19th century. Sir Charles FitzRoy (Governor of New South Wales from 1846–1855) and Sir William Denison(Governor of New South Wales from 1855–1861) also carried the additional title of Governor-General because their jurisdiction extended to other colonies in Australia. The ...

    The governor-general is generally invited to become patron of various charitable and service organisations. Historically the governor-general has also served as Chief Scout of Australia. The chief scout is nominated by the Scouting Association's National Executive Committee and is invited by the president of the Scout Association to accept the appo...

  2. hace 6 días · The Queen's Birthday Honours 1981 were appointments in many of the Commonwealth realms of Queen Elizabeth II to various orders and honours to reward and highlight good works by citizens of those countries. The appointments were made to celebrate the official birthday of the Queen. They were published on 13 June 1981 for the United Kingdom ...

    • 皇室与政治人物
    • 自然科学
    • 生物、医学与生命科学
    • 社会科学
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    1. 爱德华七世,大不列颠及爱尔兰联合王国国王、印度皇帝 2. 約翰·羅素,第一代羅素伯爵,1846年至1852和1865年至1866任英国首相 3. 亨利·坦普尔,第三代帕麦斯顿子爵,1855年至1858和1859年至1865任英国首相,同时也是英国史上在任最长的外交大臣(15年306天) 4. 戈登·布朗,2007年至2010年任英国首相 5. 維克托·霍普,第二代林利思戈侯爵,第42任印度总督 6. 吉尔伯特·艾略特,第一代明托伯爵,第9任印度总督,首任英属科西嘉王国总督 7. 约翰·克劳福,第2任新加坡驻扎官,新加坡早期的国父之一 8. 柏立基,1955年至1957年任第3任新加坡总督、1958年至1964年任第23任香港总督 9. 约翰·斯图亚特·麦克弗森,第9任尼日利亚总督 10. 托马斯·麦克杜格尔·布里斯班,惠灵顿公爵下的英国陆军少将,第6任新南威尔士总督,由他命名的领地布里斯班现已发展成澳洲第三大城市 11. 托马斯·科克伦,第十代邓唐纳德伯爵,拿破仑战争期间英国皇家海军军官,军衔红旗海军上将(仅次元帅),因一生从未受过败仗,被拿破仑称为“海狼” 12. 约翰·...


    1. 詹姆斯·威尔逊,美国《独立宣言》签署者,开国元勋和首任联邦法院大法官 2. 本杰明·拉什(英语:Benjamin_Rush),美国《独立宣言》签署者,开国元勋 3. 约翰·威瑟斯庞(英语:John_Witherspoon),美国《独立宣言》签署者,开国元勋 4. 阿瑟·圣克莱,美国独立战争时期大陆军少将,第15任大陆议会议长,战后第1任西北领地总督 5. 赛勒斯·格里芬(英语:Cyrus Griffin),第16任大陆议会议长 6. 亚历山大·达拉斯,美国第6任财政部长 7. 乔尔·罗伯茨·波因塞特,美国第15任战争部长 8. 阿什顿·卡特,美国第25任国防部长 9. 威廉·弗莱明(英语:William_Fleming_(governor)),第3任弗吉尼亚州州长 10. 罗伯特·布鲁克(英语:Robert Brooke (Virginia governor)), 第10任弗吉尼亚州州长 11. 托马斯·曼·伦道夫(英语:Thomas Mann Randolph Jr.),第21任弗吉尼亚州州长 12. 小威廉·斯彭(英语:William Spong Jr.),前弗吉尼亚州...


    1. 玛格丽塔公主,现任罗马尼亚王室监管人和家族族长 2. 阿尔伯特二世(英语:Albert,_12th_Prince_of_Thurn_and_Taxis),第十二世圖恩和塔克西斯亲王 3. 皮埃特·斯若尔德斯·海布兰迪,荷兰首相 4. 格哈特·施罗德 (基民盟),联邦德国内政部长(1953-1961),联邦德国外交部长(1961-1966),联邦德国国防部长(1966-1969) 5. 奥格蒙杜尔·乔纳森(英语:Ögmundur Jónasson),冰岛卫生部长(2009),冰岛内政部长(2011-2013) 6. 阿尔尼·马蒂森(英语:Árni_Mathiesen),冰岛财政部长(2005-2009) 7. 汉娜·伯纳·克里斯蒂安斯多蒂尔(英语:Hanna_Birna_Kristjánsdóttir),雷克雅未克市长,冰岛内政部长(2013-2014) 8. 乔恩·鲍德文·汉尼巴尔松,冰岛财政部长(1987-1988),冰岛外交部长(1988-1995) 9. 古斯塔夫·阿尔杰农·斯蒂内尔德(英语:Gustaf_Algernon_Stierneld),瑞典外交部长 10....



    1. 威廉·格萊斯頓 2. 托马斯·卡莱尔 3. 阿奇博爾德·普里姆羅斯,第五代羅斯伯里伯爵 4. 陆军元帅基奇纳伯爵 5. 海军元帅貝蒂伯爵 6. 大衛·勞合喬治 7. 斯坦利·鲍德温 8. 温斯顿·丘吉尔 9. 陆军元帅艾伦比子爵 10. 海军元帅康寧漢子爵 11. 亚历山大·弗莱明 12. 戈登·布朗


    1. 阿瑟·貝爾福 2. 詹姆斯·马修·巴里 3. 約翰·布肯 4. 維克托·霍普 5. 爱丁堡公爵菲利普亲王 6. 安妮长公主


    1. 辜鸿铭,著名学者、翻译家,精通英、法、德、拉丁、希腊、马来西亚等9种语言,著有《中国人的精神》。 2. 傅斯年,著名历史学家、教育家。五四运动学生领袖之一、中央研究院历史语言研究所的创办者。曾任北京大学代理校长。 3. 章士钊,当代著名民主人士、学者、作家、教育家和政治活动家。 4. 杨昌济,伦理学家、教育家,毛泽东的岳父和老师。 5. 储安平,中国现代学者、知识分子,民国时期著名评论家,《观察》社长和主编、《光明日报》社总编。 6. 朱光潜,当代著名美学家、文艺理论家、教育家、翻译家,中国现代美学领域的奠基人。 7. 陈西滢,文学评论家、翻译家,北京大学教授,与徐志摩创办《现代评论》周刊。 8. 凌叔华,中国著名女作家,“珞珈三女杰”之一。(受邀担任爱丁堡大学中文讲师) 9. 袁昌英,中国著名女作家,“珞珈三女杰”之一。 10. 辛笛,原名馨迪,中国现代诗人,九叶派代表。 11. 林文庆,中国近代著名教育家,厦门大学第二任校长。 12. 周鲠生,著名国际法学家,中国第一部宪法起草的四位顾问之一。曾担任武汉大学校长。 13. 卢丽安,现任中共十九大代表,复旦大学外国语言文学...


    1. 程开甲,“两弹一星”元勋、中国科学院院士,著名理论物理学家。 2. 彭桓武,“两弹一星”元勋、中国科学院院士,中国科学院理论物理研究所所长,领导了中国第一代原子弹和氢弹的研究和理论设计的工作。 3. 杨立铭,理论原子核物理学家,北京大学教授,兼任中国核物理学会理事长,中国科学院院士。 4. 束星北,著名理论物理学家,被誉为“中国雷达之父”。是李政道、程开甲、吴健雄等物理学家的老师。 5. 黄昆,中国科学院院士,中国科学院半导体研究所所长,是中国固体物理学和半导体物理学奠基人之一。 6. 钟南山,著名传染病学家、中国国家卫健委高级专家组组长和中华医学会会长,“共和国勋章”获得者,是2003年起中国历次应对所有呼吸道传染病(SARS、H1N1、H5N6、H7N9、MERS、COVID-19)的领军人物。 7. 李华宗,微分几何学家,中央研究院数学所研究员,中国现代数学的开拓者之一。 8. 夏培肃,“中国计算机之母”,筹建了中国的计算机研究机构并在20世纪50年代设计试制成功中国第一台自行设计的通用电子数字计算机。 9. 张明觉,美籍华裔生殖生物学家,促成了第一个试管婴儿的诞生并...


    1. 吳稚暉,中华民国右派政治人物,开国元老。 2. 许信良,台湾著名政治人物、前民进党主席和桃园县长,2000年总统参选人。 3. 蕭家淇,曾任台中市副市长、行政院政务委员。 4. 林苍祐,馬來西亞华裔、民政党创始人,第二任槟城首席部长。 5. 周启濂,中国驻美国总领事、驻加拿大总领事。 6. 纪斌,全国台联副会长,第十一届全国政协委员。 7. 侯先志,第十一届全国政协委员。 8. 周煦良,中国民主促进会中央委员会常务委员,第五届全国政协委员。 9. 阎宝航,中国共产党著名间谍、战略情报专家。 10. 张为先,东北情报组织创建人。 11. 中国人民共和国缔造者之一,国务院总理周恩来曾一度为报考爱丁堡大学前往英国,已初步办妥入学手续,但因学费和语言因素在备考一月后转而放弃。

  3. 12/05/2022 · He played a central role in the creation of the Liberal Party of Australia, defining its policies and its broad outreach. He is Australia's longest-serving prime minister, serving over 18 years in total. Menzies studied law at the University of Melbourne and became one of Melbourne 's leading lawyers.

  1. Anuncios
    relacionados con: William Morrison, 1st Viscount Dunrossil wikipedia
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  3. 100,000+ usuarios visitaron el mes pasado

    Morrison. Compare Great Deals in Morrison. Stay Curious. momondo Hotel Search - Compare our Best Hotel Deals. Find the Price to Fit Your Budget.

  4. 1 millón+ usuarios visitaron el mes pasado

    Morrison. Compare Hotel and Accommodation Deals from 100s of Travel Sites at Once. KAYAK® Offers Smart Tools to Help You Find Great Hotel Deals. Book Now!