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  1. William Tecumseh Sherman (/ t ɪ ˈ k ʌ m s ə / tih-KUM-sə; February 8, 1820 – February 14, 1891) was an American soldier, businessman, educator, and author. He served as a general in the Union Army during the American Civil War (1861–1865), achieving recognition for his command of military strategy as well as criticism for the harshness of the scorched-earth policies that he ...

  2. William Tecumseh Sherman, Brooks D. Simpson, Jean Vance Berlin (1999). “Sherman's Civil War: selected correspondence of William T. Sherman, 1860-1865”, The University of North Carolina Press

  3. The General William Tecumseh Sherman Monument is an equestrian statue of American Civil War Major General William Tecumseh Sherman located in Sherman Plaza, which is part of President's Park in Washington, D.C., in the United States. The selection of an artist in 1896 to design the monument was highly controversial.

  4. William Tecumseh Sherman (* 8.Februar 1820 in Lancaster, Ohio; † 14. Februar 1891 in New York City, New York) war ein US-amerikanischer Offizier, zuletzt General of the Army, Bankier, Rechtsanwalt und Schriftsteller.

  5. 22/02/2010 · From November 15 until December 21, 1864, Union General William T. Sherman led some 60,000 soldiers on a 285-mile march from Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia. The

  6. 05/04/2022 · Sherman House Museum in Lancaster, Ohio, is the birthplace of General William Tecumseh Sherman, his younger brother U.S. Senator John Sherman and home of the remarkable Sherman family. The Sherman House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Civil War Preservation Trail and has been a memorial to the family since 1951.

  7. The wisdom of Sherman’s words bumps up against my own experience and that of my own family. Over the last century, every generation of my family has sent its young men off to war. My great uncle on my mother’s side was a Marine in WWI with 3/5, one of those who would be given the name “Devil Dogs” by the Germans they faced.