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  1. Hace 1 día · House of Beaufort (legitimised) The House of Plantagenet ( / plænˈtædʒənɪt /) was a royal house which originated from the lands of Anjou in France. The family held the English throne from 1154 (with the accession of Henry II, at the end of The Anarchy crisis) to 1485, when Richard III died in battle. Under the Plantagenets, England was ...

  2. Hace 11 horas · William IV, however, disapproved of any match with the Coburgs, and instead favoured the suit of Prince Alexander, second son of the Prince of Orange. Victoria was well aware of the various matrimonial plans and critically appraised a parade of eligible princes. [15]

  3. Hace 11 horas · William and Kelly later spoke to Andrea about Eve only to be told that Eve has a clean slate. William later secretly followed Eve only to end up black-bagged. Eve learns that William was investigating her connection to Lex. She manages to shoot him before getting subdued by Lena. Supergirl cauterizes the wound and has him taken to the hospital.

  4. Hace 11 horas · French français Pronunciation [fʁɑ̃sɛ] Region Originated in France, now worldwide especially France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, North Africa and West Africa (distribution maps below) Native speakers 76.8 million worldwide An estimated 274 million French speakers (L1 plus L2 ; 2014) Language family Indo-European Italic Romance Western Romance Gallo-Romance Oïl French Early forms Old ...

  5. Hace 11 horas · アメリカ海軍艦艇一覧は、アメリカ合衆国海軍並びにアメリカ連合国海軍が過去保有した、および現在保有する、または将来保有する予定のもの、また未完成・計画中止を含めた歴代艦艇一覧である 。