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  1. In 1749 Grenville married Elizabeth Wyndham (1719 – 5 December 1769), daughter of Sir William Wyndham, and the granddaughter of the Duke of Somerset. Somerset did not approve of their marriage and consequently left Elizabeth only a small sum in his will. The couple had four sons and four daughters.

  2. William Pitt, the second son of William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham, was born on 28 May 1759 at Hayes Place in the village of Hayes, Kent. He was from a political family on both sides, as his mother, Hester Grenville, was sister to former prime minister George Grenville . [6]

  3. Baroness Margaret Thatcher, James Callaghan, Harold Wilson, Sir Edward Heath, Harold Wilson, Sir Alec Douglas-Home, Harold Macmillan, Sir Anthony Eden, Sir Winston Churchill, Clement Attlee, Sir ...

  4. Ancestors of Prince William of England. Here is the pedigree of England's Heir Apparent presented as an ahnenreihe. To save space, ancestors beyond Generation 11 are omitted unless they are alleged descendants of Charlemagne or Alexander the Great.

  5. William Wyndham Grenville I barón Grenville percibió esto como una injusticia a Fox, y rechazó entrar en el nuevo ministerio. Pitt se concentró entonces en formar una coalición con Austria, Rusia y Suecia. La Tercera Coalición, sin embargo, tuvo el mismo final que la Primera y Segunda Coaliciones, siendo derrotada en 1805.

  6. Sir Alec Douglas-Home was born in Mayfair, London, into an aristocratic family. He attended Eton College followed by Oxford University, where he graduated with a third class BA in Modern History.

  7. William Pitt de Jongere (1759–1806) 10 mei 1804 23 januari 1806 : Tory Party: Baron van Grenville William Wyndham Grenville (1759–1834) 11 februari 1806 31 maart 1807 Whig Party: 1806 Hertog van Portland William Henry Cavendish-Bentinck (1738–1809) 31 maart 1807 4 oktober 1809 Tory Party: 1807 Spencer Perceval (1762–1812) 4 oktober 1809