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    X, or x, is the twenty-fourth and third-to-last letter in the Latin alphabet, used in the modern English alphabet, the alphabets of other western European languages and others worldwide. Its name in English is "ex" (pronounced / ˈ ɛ k s /), plural exes.

  2. Official X Movie Trailer 2022 | Subscribe | Mia Goth Movie Trailer | Release: 18 Mar 2022 | More

  3. X is a 2022 slasher film written, directed, produced and edited by Ti West. It stars Mia Goth playing dual roles: Maxine is a beautiful young woman and the main protagonist and Pearl is an elderly woman and the main antagonist, with Jenna Ortega , Martin Henderson , Brittany Snow , Owen Campbell , Stephen Ure, and Scott Mescudi appearing in supporting roles.

  4. used to represent a number, or the name of person or thing that is not known or stated. se usa para referirse a alguien o algo desconocido. If 2x = 8, then x = 4. Si 2x = 7, entonces x = 4. Witness x stated that she had seen Cooper on repeated occasions.

  5. X (エックス, ''?) es una obra de ficción del grupo artístico CLAMP que debutó como un manga en 1992 en la revista Asuka. Se trata del apocalíptico final que vivirá el mundo que todos conocemos. El destino está en manos de un chico de 15 años, de nombre Kamui Shirou, quien deberá decidir si quiere unirse a uno de los dos bandos.

  6. Music video by Xzibit performing X. (C) 2000 Loud Records LLC

  7. X having the power to multiply with the asterisk gem may be a reference to multiplication, since * and x are both multiplication symbols. X is the most powerful letter out of all other letters. His gem has an ability to multiply infinitely with no limits even if all the rest of the gem holders work together, even they won't stop against an army of the same skilled X's.

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