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  1. Andrew I, Russian in full Andrey Yuryevich Bogolyubsky, (born c. 1111—died June 1174, Bogolyubovo, near Vladimir, Russia), prince of Rostov-Suzdal (1157) and grand prince of Vladimir (1169), who increased the importance of the northeastern Russian lands and contributed to the development of government in that forest region. Having accompanied his father, Yury Dolgoruky, on his conquest of ...

  2. Yury Bogolyubsky (Russian: Ю́рий Боголю́бский), known as Giorgi Rusi (Georgian: გიორგი რუსი, George the Rus') in the Kingdom of Georgia, was a Rus' prince of Novgorod (1172–1175). Born around 1160, He was married to Queen Tamar of Georgia from 1185 until being divorced and exiled in 1188.

  3. 08/04/2015 · Yury Dolgorukiy commenced the Rurik dynasty rule in the lands “Moksel” enthroned in the Suzdal principality. His son Andrew named “Bogolyubsky” was born to a local tribe woman. Born and raised in the forest wilderness among semi-savage Finn tribes, Prince Andrew broke all ties with his father’s wife and the old Kiev customs.

  4. Andrew Bogolyubsky’s brother Vsevolod III succeeded him as grand prince of Vladimir (reigned 1176–1212); Vsevolod was followed by his sons Yury (1212–38), Yaroslav (1238–46), and Svyatoslav (1246–47) and his grandson Andrew (1247–52).

  5. And architecture Andrei Bogolyubsky was as natural, progressive development of truly innovative architecture Yuri, as the architecture of Vsevolod the Big Nest - architecture Andrew. And I would like to understand this important historical and architectural fact has contributed to the "historical portrait of Yuri Dolgoruky , deserves much more than warm words than those which characterize his ...

  6. Queen Tamar of Georgia and Yury Bogolyubsky. In 1178, George III of Georgia announced he was to make his daughter, Tamar, his co-ruler. She was just 18 and, what’s more, a woman. Since the monarchy was battling unruly royals at the time, many thought this was a bad idea. But, she soon proved the doubters wrong.

  7. › conocimiento › breve-historiaUna breve historia de Moscú

    Una breve historia de Moscú. Moscú no siempre ha sido la capital de Rusia, cuando se mencionó por primera vez en los registros históricos alrededor de 1147, no era más que una pequeña ciudad de poca importancia. Hoy es una ciudad diversa y moderna. Recordamos su historia. Tras una complicada historia, Moscú es hoy una ciudad muy diversa.