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  1. Saint Dmitry Ivanovich Donskoy (Russian: Дми́трий Ива́нович Донско́й, tr. Dmítriy Ivanovich Donskóy, also known as Dimitrii or Demetrius), or Dmitry of the Don, sometimes referred to simply as Dmitry (12 October 1350 – 19 May 1389), son of Ivan II the Fair of Moscow (1326–1359), reigned as the Prince of Moscow from 1359 and Grand Prince of Vladimir from 1363 to ...

  2. This is a list of all reigning monarchs in the history of Russia. It begins with the Prince of Novgorod Rurik in the year 862. It ends with the Emperor of Russia Nicholas II who abdicated the throne in 1917, and was shot dead with his family in 1918.

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    Prince Yury Bogolyubsky leads a rebellion of disaffected Georgian nobleman against his ex-wife, Queen Tamara (the Great), but her forces win a two pitched battle at Tmogvi and Erusheti. Yury is captured, and Tamara allows him to withdraw to Constantinople. Henry VI is forced to raise the siege of Naples, due to an epidemic, and returns to Germany.

  4. Stalin dilahirkan dengan nama Ioseb Jughashvili di kota Gori, Georgia pada tanggal 18 Desember [K.J.: 6 Desember] 1878. Stalin merupakan anak dari Besarion "Beso" Jughashvili dan Ekaterine "Keke" Geladze, yang menikah pada Mei 1872, dan sempat memiliki dua anak yang meninggal pada saat bayi sebelum Stalin lahir.

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    *We show "Emperors of Rome", whether they reigned in Rome, Ravenna, Constantinople, or elsewhere. We show some usurpers and rivals who may have claimed the title, whether ...