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  1. The War of 1812 lasted two years and eight months, from June 18, 1812, when President James Madison signed the declaration of war, to February 16, 1815, when Congress ratified the Treaty of Ghent. The total number of military and civilian deaths attributed to the war is estimated at over 35,000, according to the Encyclopedia of the War of 1812 (2012).

  2. Rear Admiral Cockburn accurately predicted that "within a short period of time, with enough force, we could easily have at our mercy the capital". He had recommended Washington as the target, because of the comparative ease of attacking the national capital and "the greater political effect likely to result". [10]

  3. The Incredible War of 1812. Toronto: Robin Brass Studio. ISBN 1-896941-13-3. Mahan, Alfred Thayer (1840–1914)(1905) Sea Power in Its Relation to the War of 1812 (Boston: Little Brown) American Library Association. Malcomson, Robert (1998). Lords of the Lake: The Naval War on Lake Ontario 1812–1814. Toronto: Robin Brass Studio.

  4. 05/05/2021 · Post-Captains of 1812, Supplement Part III (1829) ... during the Burmese war Volume III, Part I (1831) ... Cockburn, George - Vice-Admiral of the Blue;

  5. On the Snopes website, which is used to debunk or verify most controversial issues, I found the following explanation. ".There are historians (notably Robin Blackburn, author of The Overthrow of Colonial Slavery, 1776-1848, and Alan Taylor, author of “American Blacks in the War of 1812”), who have indeed read the stanza as glorying in the Americans’ defeat of the Corps of Colonial ...

  6. A Study of the Ideals and Aspirations of the Bohemian and Slovak Peoples, as They Relate to and Are Affected by the Great European War (English) (as Editor) Capelle, J. van de, 1812-1850 ¶ Bosdijk, Jacques François; Het beleg en de verdediging van Haarlem, in 1572-1573 (deel 1 van 3) (Dutch) (as Author)

  7. Full text of "The Knights of England.A complete record from the earliest time to the present day of the knights of all the orders of chivalry in England, Scotland, and Ireland, and of knights bachelors, incorporating a complete list of knights bachelors dubbed in Ireland"