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  1. Kamra signs to Avantgarde Music Jun 20, 2022 A newborn entity in the black metal underground, Kamra is a five-piece located in Slovenia which will be releasing their debut album via Avantgarde Music

  2. Superspace Records. Peru. SUPERSPACE RECORDS, sello de música avantgarde y/o transgresión localizado en ::: . Lima Norte, PERÚ. ::: . : : We are here only for the ...

  3. Industrial music is a genre of music that draws on harsh, mechanical, transgressive or provocative sounds and themes.AllMusic defines industrial music as the "most abrasive and aggressive fusion of rock and electronic music" that was "initially a blend of avant-garde electronics experiments (tape music, musique concrète, white noise, synthesizers, sequencers, etc.) and punk provocation".

  4. A G O T A D O ! ! ! Limitado a 500 copias. XTREEM MUTILATION - Vol.6 Hasta agotar existenciac, todos los pedidos superiores a 15€ llevarán incluidos (uno por cliente y siempre que no suponga gastos de envío extra), de forma gratuita, nuestro exclusivo 3-CD recopilatorio XTREEM MUTILATION, ésta vez el 6º Volúmen y que contiene 45 bandas editadas

  5. Info: se sei un sottoscrittore del "Circle of Wax" di Avantgarde Music, questo album sarà incluso nel bundle #3 (Febbraio) Five long years after their fascinating debut, Milan-based duo A Pale December deliver their sophomore album, Death Panacea. Compared to The Shrine Of Primal Fire, Death Panacea steers towards more aggressive, warring sounds.

  6. Edition of Contemporary Music. Sitemap Contact Us Distributors FAQ Credits Privacy policy Terms and Conditions Facebook Twitter Newsletter Contact Us Distributors FAQ ...

  7. Avant-garde metal (also known as avant-metal, experimental metal, and experimetal) is a subgenre of heavy metal music loosely defined by use of experimentation and innovative, avant-garde elements, including non-standard and unconventional sounds, instruments, song structures, playing styles, and vocal techniques.