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  1. Peter Bartók (Volumes 1 & 2) Harriet Cohen (Six Dances In Bulgarian Rhythm, in Volume 6) Composer Time Period Comp. Period: Early 20th century: Piece Style Early 20th century: Instrumentation piano ; 2 pianos (Nos. 43a, 44, 55, 68) ; voice, piano (Nos. 65, 74b, 95b, 127) External Links Wikipedia article

  2. Béla Viktor János Bartók (Nagyszentmiklós, Imperio austrohúngaro —Sânnicolau Mare, desde 1920 parte de Rumanía—, 25 de marzo de 1881-Nueva York, 26 de septiembre de 1945), conocido como Béla Bartók (en húngaro, Bartók Béla) fue un músico húngaro que destacó como compositor, pianista e investigador de música folclórica de la Europa oriental.

  3. Bartók's music reflects two trends that dramatically changed the sound of music in the 20th century: the breakdown of the diatonic system of harmony that had served composers for the previous two hundred years; and the revival of nationalism as a source for musical inspiration, a trend that began with Mikhail Glinka and Antonín Dvořák in the last half of the 19th century.

  4. Béla Viktor János Bartók ((hu) Bartók Béla [ˈbɒrtoːk ˈbeːlɒ]?, Nagyszentmiklós, 25 maart 1881 – New York, 26 september 1945) was een Hongaars componist en pianist. Bartók wordt algemeen beschouwd als een van de belangrijkste componisten van de twintigste eeuw.

  5. Béla Bartók (i ungersk ordning Bartók Béla), född 25 mars 1881 i Nagyszentmiklós (Sânnicolau Mare) i Österrike-Ungern (i nuvarande Rumänien), död 26 september 1945 i New York i USA, var en ungersk kompositör, pianist och musiketnograf.

  6. This aspires to be a complete list of compositions by Béla Bartók. The catalogue numbering by András Szőllősy (Sz.), László Somfai (BB) and Denijs Dille (DD) are provided, as well as Bartók's own opus numbers. Note that Bartók started three times anew with opus numbers, here indicated with "(list 1)", "(list 2)" and "(list 3 ...

  7. 43. All the grils will marry. Allegro (F major) 44. I love him from afar. Andante (F major) 45. A rose for my beloved. Allegretto (F major) 46. Wedding song.