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  1. Please enter your information below to join Brown's contact list. This will allow us to share information about our programs, our application process, and important deadlines.

    • Listservs
    • How to Subscribe?
    • Who Receives Emails Sent to The Lists?
    • Make Listserv Emails Skip Your Gmail Inbox
    • How Do I Send Mail to The Mailing Lists?
    • How Do I Log in to The Listserv website?
    • How Do I Change My Mailing List settings?
    • How Do I unsubscribe?
    • Are Attachments allowed?
    • Acceptable Use

    The GSC operates three mailing lists (aka “listservs”) intended solely for the graduate student community of Brown University. Undergraduates, postdocs and visiting scholars may be granted access to the listservs at the discretion of the GSC Chair of Technology. 1. GSNOTICE is a list for events or important announcements only, and these events gene...

    Please read and follow these instructions carefully,especially if trying to subscribe from a email address. If you are an incoming student without a address, please email the Chair of Technologyat the same time that you subscribe. Include your full name and your department. Click the links below to subscribe to the mailing l...

    Distribution of the mailing lists follows a “waterfall” model: 1. Subscribers to GSNOTICE receive all mail sent to GSNOTICE. 2. Subscribers to GSBB receive all mail sent to GSNOTICE and all mail sent to GSBB. If you sign up for multiple lists, don’t worry; the listserv engine can identify duplicates, so any given email will be sent to you only once...

    Click the down arrow in the right of the search box at the top of the page.
    In the “To:” field, enter the name of the listserv followed by an asterisk, like: GSBB*
    Click “Create filter with this search”
    Click the “Skip the Inbox” and “Apply the label” checkboxes. Then select the drop-down box below that says “Choose label…” and click the option at the top that says “New label…”. Now give your new...

    Our mailing lists act just like regular email addresses. To send an email to all the subscribers of a list, just address the email to one of the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. Before your message actually gets sent out to the list sub...

    To make any change to your mailing list subscription, you must log into the listserv website. One important thing to note is that the listserv only knows about email addresses, so the email address you log in with will be the only one for which you can make any changes. Be sure that you log in with the email address for which you’re signed up to th...

    You can change your mailing list settings (including the email address where you receive list emails, your digest preferences, and so forth) through the web as follows: 1. The first step is to log in to the listserv website. Remember to log in with the email address with which you’re currently subscribed to the mailing list. 2. Click on “Subscriber...

    First, do notsend an email to the list. It will annoy everyone on the list, and you will still be on. Instead, log in to the listserv websiteand then visit the same web page you would use to subscribe: 1. GSNOTICE 2. GSBB 3. GSC-MASTERS 4. GS-TRAVEL Click the “join or leave” link, and then click the “leave” button at the bottom. Remember that you m...

    Yes! You can send images, PDFs and Word documents (.doc and .docx), provided the total size of your attachments are less than 10MB. However, it is recommended that you instead attach a link to Google Drive (doc, sheet, or slide) so that you can update it to reflect changes. You can click the Google Drive “Share” button, and under “Get Link” you can...

    This resource is subject to Brown University’s Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy.

  2. A quick guide to important contacts on the Brown campus. Home About Brown Key Contacts and Directories Campus Operator 401-863-1000 Emergency Help 401-863-4111 Directories People at Brown University Offices & Departments For Prospective Students Undergraduate Admission Graduate Admission Warren Alpert Medical School Admission

  3. High Volume Mail Correct Address Format To receive letters/packages in a timely manner, we encourage you to use the proper mailing address as follows Proper Name Brown University Department Name, Box # Providence RI 02912 The zip code 02912 belongs exclusively to Brown University and should not be used with an off-campus address.

  4. Hace 4 días · OIT provides a Listserv mailing and discussion list service to members of the Brown community. Use this form to request the creation of a new list. Listserv, the list server, provides a wide range of features to meet many requirements.

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    Contact Contact Inquiries If you are a prospective undergraduate, please visit Undergraduate Admission, plus join our mailing list. If you have questions about admission to Brown University, send email to