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  1. 29 de jul. de 2020 · Scoop let's you define package repositories (buckets) in a simple JSON format, whereas Chocolatey requires a NuGet v2 feed. Chocolatey imposes a hard request limit to their public repositories, so you can't use it for production without hosting your own repository.

    • Jonathan Bowman
  2. While Chocolatey seems to have a huge selection of packages including some windows updates, Scoop has a much smaller selection mainly focused on command-line tools. However, it can be argued that Scoop is focusing on a different type of setup than Chocolatey so package count may not be a good comparison.

  3. 1 de ago. de 2019 · Scoop also installs Windows software with a single command. However, it has a slightly narrower, more focused aim. First and foremost, it’s a developer’s tool for installing system utilities –...

  4. Chocolatey vs. Scoop: Package Managers for Windows I just wrote an article that serves as both a cheatsheet and commentary for Chocolatey and Scoop, the two most prominent command-line package managers on Windows. I just did a clean install of Windows. Previously, I was using only Scoop.

  5. Scoop and Chocolately install software differently. One is local and one global. They also don't all install in the same locations. I think you could end up with a mess of a hard drive if you haphazardly switch from one to the next. I'll stick with chocolatey until Winget reaches maturity and then that will probably become the standard.

  6. Simpler than packaging. Scoop isn't a package manager, rather it reads plain JSON manifests that describe how to install a program and its dependencies. Simpler app repository. Scoop just uses Git for its app repository. You can create your own repo, or even just a single file that describes an app to install.

  7. Comparison Of Chocolatey vs Scoop vs winget Point is on a scale of one to three. 1-marvelous! 2-sufficient 3-I felt a little trouble None of them are so superior or inferior, so it seems good to choose the one that suits your purpose The "ease of use" is just my personal impression of the product. The evaluation will vary from person to person.