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  1. Even though you’re not literally in a boat, you are awash in data. This book, then, is about coping with “awash-ness”: developing skills and perspectives appropriate for doing data science. We will explore techniques for finding the patterns and stories in the ocean of data—for calming the seas and filling our sails. Data Moves.

  2. Let’s give you some experience with CODAP. We won’t try to create a comprehensive course, a “CODAP 101,” but you will see how it feels to use a tool like CODAP for doing introductory data science. The upcoming illustrations will all be interactive (provided your system is mouse-based, not a touch-based phone or tablet).

  3. CODAP (Common Online Data Analysis Platform) is an easy­-to-­use data analysis environment designed for grades 5 through 14. CODAP can be used across the curriculum to help students summarize, visualize, and interpret data, advancing their skills to use data as evidence to support a claim. Your students can load their own data into an easy-to ...

  4. CODAP (acrónimo en inglés de Plataforma Común de análisis de datos en línea) es un entorno de análisis de datos creado para ayudar a los estudiantes de Educación Secundaria a resumir, visualizar e interpretar datos, mejorando sus habilidades para analizar datos y utilizarlos como evidencias para argumentar conclusiones.

  5. A brief video that highlights some of the features of CODAP (Common Online Data Analysis Platform) that can be used to create data visualizations and statist...

    • 7 min
    • 4.7K
    • Enhancing Statistics Teacher Education with E-Modules
  6. Video ini mengenalkan perangkat lunak berbasis web #CODAP (Common Online Data Analysis Platform). Di dalam pengenalan tersebut, CODAP akan digunakan untuk me...

  7. CODAP Example Documents. To open a CODAP Example document, click on the title or drag the "Embeddable Link" into CODAP. To open a new CODAP document, click here.

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