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  1. In 1909, O'Banion was arrested first for safecracking and then for assault. These were the only times O'Banion ever spent in a correctional institution. O'Banion worked as a waiter at McGovern's Liberty Inn, where each evening he would delight patrons with his beautiful Irish tenor voice as his pals were picking pockets in the coatroom.

    • Charles Dean O'Banion, July 8, 1892, Maroa, Illinois, U.S.
    • November 10, 1924 (aged 32), Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
  2. El 3 de noviembre de 1924, Dean O'Banion hizo una llamada telefónica a su archirrival Angelo Genna que se acaloró. Su desacuerdo se refería a una deuda en la que Genna había incurrido en The Ship, el casino que el jefe de la pandilla North Side poseía junto con el Torrio Syndicate.

  3. 8 de jul. de 2015 · O’Banion sealed his fate when he refused to forgive a gambling debt that one of the Gennas had racked up at The Ship. O’Banion was in his North Side flower shop, a front for his Mob activities, when a Torrio associate from New York, Frankie Yale, visited, hand outstretched in friendship.

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  4. 4 de oct. de 2015 · He then served a short prison sentence in 1911 for assault with a blackjack as his choice of weapon, he was also caught with possession of deadly weapons. This was the last prison sentence he ever received. In 1920, O’Banion started a bootlegging operation.

  5. Dion O’Bannion, (born 1892, Aurora, Ill., U.S.—died Nov. 10, 1924, Chicago ), bootlegger of the early 1920s, boss of the most feared Chicago gang next to that of his arch rivals, Johnny Torrio and Al Capone.

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