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  1. 28/06/2016 · Main Difference – Deism vs Theism. Deism and theism are two religious beliefs about the existence of god and his intervention in the universe. While both deism and theism hold the belief that God is the creator of the universe and gave human beings the ability to think, they have different beliefs about God’s intervention in the universe.

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    Open theism, also known as openness theology and free will theism, [self-published source?] is a theological movement that has developed within Christianity as a rejection of the synthesis of Greek philosophy and Christian theology. Open theism arises out of the freewill theistic tradition of the church which goes back to the early church fathers.

  3. 02/08/2017 · 1. Definitions of “Atheism” The word “atheism” is polysemous—it has multiple related meanings. In the psychological sense of the word, atheism is a psychological state, specifically the state of being an atheist, where an atheist is defined as someone who is not a theist and a theist is defined as someone who believes that God exists (or that there are gods).

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    Gradually, this view fell into disfavor as theism came to be understood as encompassing belief in any divinity. [47] With respect to the range of phenomena being rejected, atheism may counter anything from the existence of a deity, to the existence of any spiritual , supernatural , or transcendental concepts, such as those of Buddhism , Hinduism , Jainism , and Taoism .

  5. 09/08/2022 · Prophet Muhammad vs Jesus Christ. The Quran teaches that Muhammad was a man, not God, that he was God’s last prophet, thus he had the final say on theology. Muhammad’s revelations conflicted with the Bible, so Muslims say the Bible was corrupted and changed over time. Muhammad died a natural death and stayed dead.

  6. 24/07/2022 · Bible verses about being nothing without God Without God you would have no life at all. Outside of Christ there is no reality. There is no logic. There is no reason for anything. Everything was made for Christ. Your next breath comes from Christ and is to go back to Christ. We must fully depend

  7. Synonyms for FAITH: devotion, piety, religion, credo, creed, cult, persuasion, adhesion; Antonyms for FAITH: atheism, godlessness, disloyalty, faithlessness ...