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  1. Dvaita, (Sanskrit: “Dualism”) an important school in Vedanta, one of the six philosophical systems (darshans) of Indian philosophy. Its founder was Madhva, also called Anandatirtha (c. 1199–1278), who came from the area of modern Karnataka state, where he still has many followers.

  2. Dvaita Philosophy is an outshoot of the Vedanta Philosophy of ancient India. Dvaita (meaning dualism) Philosophy was propounded by Madhwacharya in the 13th century. Dvaita Philosophy proclaims that...

  3. 19/05/2014 · Dvaita Philosophy was advocated by Madhavacharya in the13th century. The philosophy strongly believed in expressing a rigorously monotheistic Vishnu cult. Dvaita philosophy was advocated in reaction to the ultimately anti-theistic non-dualism of Advaita Vedanta and as a response to the Vishishta-advaita of Ramanuja. Dvaita simply means 'dualism.'.

  4. 21/05/2015 · Dvaita (Sanskrit:द्वैत,) (also known as Bheda-vâda, Tattva-vâda and Bimba-pratibimba-vâda) is a school of Vedanta founded by Shri Madhvacharya. Dvaita stresses a strict distinction between God...

  5. 19/02/2012 · in madhva’s conclusions of dvaita metaphysics reached by the evidence of ‘pratyaksa’ ‘anumana’ and ‘sabda pramana’ this infinite power is that supreme and independent principle which does not depend on any other for its own nature and existence, self-awa reness or for becoming an object of knowledge to the thinking selves for the free and …