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  1. 21/11/2020 · In 1963, the Bowes-Lyon family reported to Burke’s Peerage, the guidebook to the British aristocracy, that both of the sisters had died, Nerissa in 1940 and Katherine in 1961.The reality of the ...

  2. Prinsesse Elizabeth blev født den 21. april 1926, mens hendes farfar, Kong Georg 5., sad på tronen. Hendes far, Prins Albert, Hertug af York (den senere kong Georg 6.), var kongens næstældste søn. Hendes mor var Elizabeth, Hertuginde af York (den senere dronning Elizabeth), der var yngste datter af den skotske adelsmand Claude Bowes-Lyon, 14.

  3. 10/09/2022 · C’était il y a 33 ans. La Reine Mère Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon était en visite officielle à Carcassonne. Citoyen d’honneur de la ville et grand spécialiste de l’histoire, Martial...

  4. 23/11/2020 · Nerissa Bowes-Lyon and Katherine Bowes-Lyon, first cousins of Queen Elizabeth, were secretly incarcerated in the Royal Earlswood Asylum for Mental Defectives in 1941. The scandal, uncovered after Nerissa's death in 1986, was the subject of a 2011 documentary.

  5. 16/09/2022 · Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother on her 50th birthday Credit: Getty - Contributor. King George VI and Elizabeth were crowned King and Queen of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions, and Emperor and Empress of India in Westminster Abbey on May 12, 1937.

  6. Elizabeth is derived from the Hebrew name Elisheva, formed by the components ’el, meaning "God," and shava’, "oath."In the Bible, Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist, and two of England's most notable queens have been Elizabeth I and II.

  7. Elizabeth adalah anak pertama dari Pangeran Albert, Adipati York (kemudian menjadi Raja George VI), dan istrinya, Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon (kemudian lebih dikenal sebagai Ratu Elizabeth, Ibu Suri). Ayahnya adalah anak kedua dari Raja George V dan Ratu Mary.