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  1. Ellen Axson Wilson by her friend Frederic Yates - 1906 Insisting that her children must not be born as Yankees, Ellen went to stay with relatives in Gainesville, Georgia for Margaret's birth in 1886 and Jessie's in 1887. But Eleanor was born in Connecticut in 1889, while Wilson was teaching at Wesleyan University .

  2. Ellen Wilson was the first-born of four children, two brothers, one sister: Isaac Stockton Keith Axson (6 June 1867 – 26 February 1935), Edward Williams Axson (1876- 26 April 1905), Margaret Randolph Axson [Elliott] (10 October 1881 – 24 May 1958)

  3. And, like Wilson, she had a powerful intellect, which she put to use by managing his political, business, and educational affairs. Their three daughters, Margaret, Jessie, and Eleanor, each chose distinctive paths that inspired women throughout the country.

  4. Ellen Axson Wilson First Families Martha Dandridge Custis Washington Abigail Smith Adams Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson Dolley Payne Todd Madison Elizabeth Kortright Monroe Louisa Catherine...

  5. Children. She had three children, Margaret (57, Acting first lady of the united States) , Jessie (45, American presidential daughter and activist) and Eleanor (77, American politician) . When her first child, Margaret Woodrow Wilson, was born, Ellen Axson Wilson was 25 years old. Awards (1)

  6. Woodrow Wilson – Children of United States Presidents – BabyChatter Woodrow Wilson – Children of United States Presidents As the twenty-eighth President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, and his wife Ellen Axson had 3 daughters. Although Woodrow married Edith Bolling after the death of Ellen, they did not have children.