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  1. 03/03/2019 · Originating in Columbus, Ohio, the Bush family has developed into one of the most accomplished political families of the 20th century. Other important individuals in the Bush family tree include the Spencer family that produced Diana, Princess of Wales, which makes George W. Bush a 17th cousin to Prince William of Wales.

  2. Royal House of Hanover Family Tree from King George I (1714 - 1727) to Edward VII (1901 - 1910).

  3. See Family tree of English monarchs, Family tree of Scottish monarchs, and Family tree of Welsh monarchs. This also includes England, Scotland and Wales; all part of the United Kingdom as well as the French Norman invasion. For a simplified view, see: Family tree of British monarchs. Key: Red borders indicate British monarchs

  4. 08/09/2022 · Queen Mary, 1867-1953. Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother Queen Mary was royal by birth (her great-grandfather was King George III). Despite technically being a princess of the German Duchy of Teck ...

  5. Facts and information about the World's Largest Family Tree on ... Charles III Charles III (Charles Philip Arthur George; born 14 November 1948) ...

  6. 11/04/2020 · Her three uncles (those older than her father) left no surviving legitimate heirs. Her father died (just six days before the death of George III, Victoria's grandfather) and when her uncle William IV died (aged of 71, Victoria became Queen at the age of eighteen. Victoria and Albert's family

  7. ROYAL FAMILY TREE. Tracing the family history of the English and Scottish Royal Family ... Henry III; 1216 - 1272; 20482 days. ... George III; 1760 - 1820; 21644 days.