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  1. fine adj (thin) fino/a, delgado/a adj : He has very fine hair. Tiene cabellos muy delgados. fine adv: informal (good) bien adv : Yes, he did fine with his presentation. Sí, le fue bien con la presentación. fine n (financial penalty) multa nf : He received a fine for driving too fast. Recibió una multa por exceso de velocidad. fine [sb] ⇒ vtr (charge, penalize) multar⇒ vtr

  2. 7. (sobresaliente) a. fino. That the politician has a fine way of speaking is beyond doubt.De que la política tiene una manera muy fina de hablar, no cabe duda. b. refinado. She owes her fine manners to the etiquette school she attended.Le debe sus modales refinados a la escuela de etiqueta a la que asistió.

  3. 7. of delicate composition or careful workmanship: fine crystal. 8. (Metallurgy) (of precious metals) pure or having a high or specified degree of purity: fine silver; gold 98 per cent fine. 9. subtle in perception; discriminating: a fine eye for antique brasses. 10. abstruse or subtle: a fine point in argument.

  4. approximate. loose. false. incorrect. See More. 7. as in decent. of a level of quality that meets one's needs or standards the wine steward declared that the complaint of corkiness was unjustified and that the wine was fine. Synonyms & Similar Words.

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  7. 17 de jun. de 2019 · Overcrowding, abuse seen at Mexico migrant detention center. Women slept in hallways among rats, roaches and pigeon droppings; mothers reused diapers. “They threw us in there like little animals ...