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  1. Mathematically, the forward kinematic equations define a function be-tween the space of cartesian positions and orientations and the space of joint positions. The velocity relationships are then determined by the Ja-cobian of this function. The Jacobian is a matrix-valued function and can

  2. Alternatives to probability kinematics. Probability kinematics is not the only sufficient updating rule for radical probabilism. Others have been advocated including E. T. Jaynes' maximum entropy principle, and Skyrms' principle of reflection. It turns out that probability kinematics is a special case of maximum entropy inference.

  3. 02/02/2021 · The aim of the paper is to study the kinematics of the manipulator. The articulated robot with a spherical wrist has been used for this purpose. The Comau NM45 Manipulator has been chosen for the kinematic model study. The manipulator contains six revolution joints. Pieper’s approach has been employed to study the kinematics (inverse) of the robot manipulator. Using this approach, the ...