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  1. Darrin Henry TAWHARU – 7.5 years; Korps Maki MAKITEIAA – 7.48 years reduced to 5.48 years on appeal; Samuel CAMERON – 7 years, four and a half months; NZ’s longest finite sentences for rapists between September 1993 and now (10 years or more) The offenders listed were serving the longest sentences for rape committed between September ...

  2. 737 – Muslim conquest of Transoxiana: Türgesh tribesmen attacked and captured the exposed baggage train of the Umayyad army, sent ahead of the main force.; 1551 – Sue Takafusa, a retainer of the Ōuchi clan in western Japan, led a coup against the daimyō Ōuchi Yoshitaka, leading to the latter's forced suicide.