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  1. Her father Joe Collins and his friend Lord Lew Grade had an acting company. Joe Collin’s father Will Collins and his wife a can-can dancer Henrietta Collins were also into acting. In the l970s she was in several horror movies and picked up the title "Queen of the Horror Films" (p. 271).

  2. Roosevelt expanded Herbert Hoover's Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) work relief program and added the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), the Public Works Administration (PWA) and starting in 1935 the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Also in 1935, the Social Security Act (SSA) and unemployment insurance programs were added.

  3. Eugene Fama (Ph.D. 1964) – "father of modern finance"; 2013 Nobel Laureate in Economics Jacob A. Frenkel (M.A., Ph.D.) – Chairman of JPMorgan Chase International ; Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Group of Thirty (G-30); former David Rockefeller Professor of International Economics at the University of Chicago ; former Governor of the Bank of Israel

  4. 20/03/2018 · Mission Hills, Kansas – Lloyd Herbert Frank, 93, died May 28, 2022 at home, with family at his bedside. Christian faith guided him, and patriotism defined him. Born November 1, 1928, in the swelling days between Herbert Hoover’s nomination in Kansas City and his landslide election, Lloyd knew only a few months of the triumphal […]

  5. 01/03/2011 · The Ku Klux Klan had a perfect issue which Evans hoped to use to whip up the faithful. But his Invisible Empire had melted from three million in 1925 to no more than several hundred thousand, and the Klan was no factor in Hoover’s election. Americans had clearly tired of the divisive effect of the masks, robes and burning crosses.

  6. One high point of Shea Stadium's first season came on Father's Day, when Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Jim Bunning threw a perfect game against the Mets, the first in the National League since 1880. For perhaps the only time in the stadium's history, the Shea faithful found themselves rooting for the visitors, caught up in the rare achievement, and roaring for Bunning on every pitch in the ...

  7. Jesse Rhodes Scholars have long expressed concern that the ascendance of the modern presidency since the New Deal and World War II, by hastening the decline of political parties and fostering the expansion of the administrative state, portended an era of chronically low public engagement and voter turnout and an increasingly fractious and impotent national politics.