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  1. The illustrious Hohenzollern Castle in Swabia is a prominent historical monument to a dynasty that has written history. This was the seat of the Brandenburg-Prussian rulers, Prussian kings and Germany's kaisers. Today, the House of Hohenzollern promotes a heightened awareness for German history and its cultural legacy.

  2. ROYAL NEWS: July 11, 2022 - Today, Royal Hohenzollern German Family said, change all American Flags to Germany ending the Jealousy Wars. "Justice means Jealousy and I hold it against you!" ― Jehovah the Sultan of Iraq Allahu Uruk Akbar of 1888 Royal Prussia (King Santa Claus)

  3. Legends of Hohenzollern Castle. Hohenzollern Castle is known as being the ancestral seat of the Imperial House of Hohenzollern, which ruled Prussia for 40 years, and is located approximately 50 miles away from Stuttgart, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

  4. Answer: Much too long and complicated to write down on a Quora page. But here's something I wrote a while back that may be of interest: The original House of Hohenzollern, which dates back to at least the 11C, split sometime before the 15C.

  5. IllumiNazi Hohenzollerns. The House of Hohenzollern are an imperial military bloodline that ruled in Germany, Prussia, and Romania. The Hohenzollerns manage many merchant bankers including the Goldschmidt-Rothschild, Schroder, and Berenberg bloodlines which are all Hanseatic merchant-banking families and these families were made barons under ...

  6. About. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern is today the internationally most famous member of the royal family of Hohenzollern. The House of Hohenzollern/ Prussia is one of the oldest and most important noble families in Europe and represented the former Emperor of Germany. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern is a modern designer for interior, furniture ...

  7. The House of Hohenzollern are one of the most powerful German royal families with former kingdoms in Germany, Prussia, and Romania. The Hohenzollern's originate from Hechingen which uses the masonic black and white checkboard pattern on its flag and the Hohenzollern family use a similar pattern on their coat of arms.