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  1. 22/11/2022 · The cadet Swabian branch of the House of Hohenzollern was founded by Frederick IV, Count of Zollern. The family ruled three territories with seats at, respectively, Hechingen, Sigmaringen and Haigerloch. The counts were elevated to princes in 1623. The Swabian branch of the Hohenzollerns is Roman Catholic.

  2. 09/11/2022 · It was built as a family memorial (not a military stronghold) by the House of Hohenzollern. Built: Between 1846 and 1867 ; Rooms: 140 Rooms ; The Hohenzollern Castle is the ancestral seat of the Prussian King and Princes of Hohenzollern. King Frederick William IV of Prussia is known to have a love of the fine arts and was something of a Romanticist ruler.

  3. 3.6K subscribers in the prussia_memes community. A subreddit dedicated to the memes about the Kingdom of Prussia. Join our Discord, the König…

  4. hace 5 días · The House of Bourbon, in its surviving branches, is believed to be the oldest royal dynasty of Europe (and the oldest documented European family altogether) that is still existing in the direct male line today: The House of Capet's male ancestors, the Robertians, go back to Robert of Hesbaye (d. 807) as their first secured ancestor and he is believed to be a direct male descendant of Charibert de Haspengau (c. 555–636).

  5. 22/11/2022 · A branch of the European House of Nassau, the house has played a central role in the politics and government of the Netherlands and Europe especially since William the Silent organised the Dutch Revolt against Spanish rule, which after the Eighty Years' War (1568–1648) led to an independent Dutch state .

  6. 26/11/2022 · But the Romanovs were not the only royal family to suffer from a legacy of inbreeding. The House of Habsburg was particularly cursed, with descendants exhibiting the notorious Habsburg chin in addition to other deformities. The House of Habsburg. The Habsburgs trace their origins to the Habsburg Castle in modern-day Switzerland.

  7. 16/11/2022 · Alaska debuted a new ranked-choice voting system for general elections this year. No candidate got a majority of first choices, so the winner was determined by the ranked choice tabulation on ...