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  1. Wikipedia English Article Count. There are approximately. 6,715,291. articles in the English Wikipedia as of the 16th of September 2023. With an average of approximately 2,270 words per article.

  2. As of 12 September 2023, there are 6,713,230 articles in the English Wikipedia containing over 4.3 billion words (giving an average of about 658 words per article). Including articles, the total number of pages is 58,973,345. Being pages themselves, articles make up 11.38 percent of all pages on Wikipedia. [1]

    • 11.39%
    • 6,705,540
    • 19.84
    • 58,880,654
    • Size
    • Edits Per Editor
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    • Overall Edit Volume
    • Articles by Quality
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    • Deletion and Vandalism Statistics

    As of 2022, the median article is a stub. This typically means that it contains a few sentences on the subject. (Elements such as images, infoboxes, and most listsare not usually counted in this calculation.) As a rule of thumb, the more popular the article is as measured by page views, the higher quality it will be.

    As of 2022, about 50% of articles at the English Wikipedia contain at least one image. 1. As of 2014 a relatively stable 10% of editors who make over 5 edits each month make over 100 edits. 2. Graph showing the number of days between every 10,000,000 edits.

    The English Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects can get ~10 billion views per month each. See overview at Wikimedia Statistics.

    Overall traffic

    1. Wikimedia Stats (for viewing per-project statistics) 2. toolforge:siteviews– Siteviews Analysis (for viewing the total number of pageviews to a project, or the number of unique devices) 3. Article traffic jumps– a place to document unusual jumps in article traffic.

    Articles with the most page views overall

    This includes rankings overall, by time period and sudden traffic spikes. 1. toolforge:topviews– Topviews Analysis (for viewing the most viewed pages of a project) 2. WikiShark– Article traffic statistics and comparisons between articles 3. The Open Wikipedia Ranking– - most viewed, can be filtered by category 4. Wikipedia:Top 25 Report – top 25 most popular articles weekly chart with human commentary, republished as The SignpostTraffic Report 5. Wikipedia:Article traffic jumps 6. Wikipedia:P...

    Articles with the most page views by topic

    1. Category:Lists of popular pages by WikiProject – these projects use pageview data to focus article improvement efforts on popular but poor quality articles 1.1. Wikipedia:Lists of popular pages by WikiProject- similar manually maintained list 1.2. User:Community Tech bot/Popular pages- list of such pages configured for this bot 2. Pageviews Analysis – article traffic statistics, also allowing comparisons between articles (documentation, local documenation, FAQ, wikitech:Analytics/AQS/Pagev...

    Statistics about Articles for Deletion discussions can be found at User:JPxG/Oracle.
    Statistics about deletion and other administrator actions can be found at the WP:Adminstatspage.
    A list of recently deleted files can be found at Special:Log/delete.
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    Wikipedia's combined editions comprise more than 61 million articles, attracting around 2 billion unique device visits per month and more than 15 million edits per month (about 5.8 edits per second on average) as of July 2023. [6] [7]

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  4. There are 6,345 featured articles out of 6,713,268 articles on the English Wikipedia (about 0.09% or one out of every 1,050 articles). Articles that no longer meet the criteria can be proposed for improvement or removal at featured article review .