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  1. Similar to "Candy Man," "Jack Straw" is essentially a murder ballad, but one played so sweetly that the killers seem endearing and the killing cartoonish. The song is sung from two or three perspectives: that of Shannon (sung by Jerry Garcia), Jack Straw (sung by Bob Weir), and possibly a nameless narrator (sung in unison by Garcia, Weir, and Phil Lesh).

  2. Jack straw is a game about you're options running out. Which is what this song is about. Shannon (who is the Jack Straw in the song title) is running out of options, he's on the run from the law and has nowhere to hide, he then has to kill his friend because he's moving too slow as he doesn't agree with what Shannon is doing.

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  3. Jack Straw (song) "Jack Straw" is a rock song written by Bob Weir and Robert Hunter. The track appeared on the album Europe '72 by the Grateful Dead, who frequently performed it live. The song was first performed in concert on October 19, 1971, in Minneapolis, Minnesota at new keyboardist Keith Godchaux 's first appearance with the band.

  4. 30/05/2013 · Following that same convention, Weir’s contribution to “Jack Straw” included three verses: 1) “Hurts my ears to listen...” 2) We used to play for silver...” and 3) Ain’t no place a man can hide...” The song includes a number of motifs and themes common throughout the repertoire: trains, down-and-out characters, gambling, weather, birds...

  5. Honestly the first time I heard it I was thinking oh it’s just a great song about free sex and booze not murderous outlaws/ “friends” and the horror such a lifestyle brings if I think of one song that encapsulates the dead it’s probably jack straw a true Trojan horse of deep thoughts and contemplation. 22 comments 100% Upvoted