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  1. Jakob I Bernoulli (* 27. Dezember 1654 jul. / 6. Januar 1655 greg. in Basel; † 16. August 1705 ebenda) war ein Schweizer Mathematiker und Physiker. Die Bezeichnung „Jakob I“ dient zur Unterscheidung von seinem Grossneffen Jakob II Bernoulli (1759–1789), siehe auch den Artikel zur Familie Bernoulli.

  2. Daniel was the son of Johann Bernoulli (one of the early developers of calculus) and a nephew of Jacob Bernoulli (an early researcher in probability theory and the discoverer of the mathematical constant e). He had two brothers, Niklaus and Johann II.

  3. In physics and mathematics, a brachistochrone curve (from Ancient Greek βράχιστος χρόνος (brákhistos khrónos) 'shortest time'), or curve of fastest descent, is the one lying on the plane between a point A and a lower point B, where B is not directly below A, on which a bead slides frictionlessly under the influence of a uniform gravitational field to a given end point in the ...

  4. Tomo II (6a. ed.) . × Close Log In. Log in with Facebook Log in with Google. or. Email. Password. Remember me on this computer. or reset password. Enter the email ...

  5. The development of Australian science in pre-war era was dependent on the individual achievements of a few famous scientists. Several of the famous Australian scientists went abroad for better facilities, better payoffs and more recognition.