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  1. Mrs. Joan Robinson has given her model of growth in her classic book. ‘The Accumulation of Capital’ in 1956. Joan Robinson’s model clearly takes the problem of population growth in a developing economy and analyses the influence of population on the role of capital accumulation and growth of output.

  2. Joan Robinson's Growth Model is a simple model of economic growth, reflecting the working of a pure capitalist economy, expounded by Joan Robinson in her 1956 book The Accumulation of Capital. However, The Accumulation of Capital was a terse book.

  3. Mrs. Joan Robinson’s model of economic growth is based on two basic conditions, i.e: (i) Capital formation depends upon the manner of distribution of income, and ADVERTISEMENTS: (ii) The rate at which the labour is used depends upon the supply of capital and that of labour.

  4. Critical Appraisal of Robinson’s Model: Mrs. Robinson’s model represents a major step in enriching our understanding of the fundamental nature and process of capital accumulation in a capitalist economy. It also provides deep insight into the properties of equilibrium growth.

  5. Joan Robinson's growth model. Joan Robinson , en su libro The Accumulation of Capital publicado en 1956, propagó un modelo de crecimiento simple, que refleja el funcionamiento de una economía capitalista pura, también conocida como "Modelo de crecimiento de Joan Robinson".

  6. Joan Violet Robinson FBA (née Maurice; 31 October 1903 – 5 August 1983) was a British economist well known for her wide-ranging contributions to economic theory. She was a central figure in what became known as post-Keynesian economics .