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  1. Baldwin II, also known as Baldwin of Bourcq or Bourg (French: Baudouin; c. 1075 – 21 August 1131), was Count of Edessa from 1100 to 1118, and King of Jerusalem from 1118 until his death. He accompanied his cousins Godfrey of Bouillon and Baldwin of Boulogne to the Holy Land during the First Crusade .

  2. James Baldwin consideraba que vivir en una civilización extranjera le llevaba a cuestionar la cultura en la que había nacido. [10] Baldwin fue a París también porque, como dijo Kendall Thomas, ya no podía soportar la discriminación racial del país y la homofobia de Harlem. [18]

  3. Alexander Rae Baldwin III (Amityville, Nueva York; 3 de abril de 1958), conocido como Alec Baldwin, es un actor estadounidense de cine y de televisión, el mayor de los hermanos Baldwin, una familia que ha estado presente en cine y televisión desde la década de 1980 y en la que también destacan Daniel, William y Stephen.

  4. In the book, Tubbs tells us about Alberta King, Louise Little, and Berdis Baldwin - “the women before the men” - describing their successful work and their impact on their children, raising leaders of the civil rights movement in America.Each of these women came from different economic backgrounds, faced social and economic challenges and a wide range of adversities to raise their children ...

  5. The child was crowned co-king as Baldwin V in 1183 in a ceremony presided by Raymond. It was agreed that, should the boy die during his minority, the regency would pass to "the most rightful heirs" until his kinsmen – the Kings of England and France and Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor – and the Pope were able to adjudicate between the claims of Sibylla and Isabella.

  6. Baldwin IV, Leper and crusader, was one of the outstanding commanders of his age, and during his life, posed a worthy challenge to the courageous Sultan Sala...

  7. The Leper King - Baldwin IV of Jerusalem - Great Personalities - See You in History #SeeUinHistory #History #Medieval