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  1. Kurt von Schleicher, (born April 7, 1882, Brandenburg, Ger.—died June 30, 1934, Berlin), German army officer, last chancellor of the Weimar Republic, an opponent of Adolf Hitler in 1932–33. Joining the German military in 1900, Schleicher attached himself to the newly created Reichswehr in 1919 and by 1929 was a major general in charge of an office in the Reichswehr ministry. For the next ...

  2. During the Purge itself official radio and newspaper reports only gave the names of 10 people killed: the six SA-leaders executed in Stadelheim Prison on June 30; Kurt von Schleicher, a German general and a former Chancellor of the Weimar Republic, and his wife; Karl Ernst, who was wrongly reported to have been shot in Stadelheim, whereas in fact he was shot in the barracks of Hitler's ...

  3. On 29 March 1930, after months of lobbying by General Kurt von Schleicher on behalf of the military, the finance expert Heinrich Brüning was appointed as Müller's successor by Reichspräsident Paul von Hindenburg. The new government was expected to lead a political shift towards conservatism.

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    Hitler targeted Ernst Röhm and other SA leaders who, along with a number of Hitler's political adversaries (such as Gregor Strasser and former chancellor Kurt von Schleicher), were rounded up, arrested, and shot. While the international community and some Germans were shocked by the murders, many in Germany believed Hitler was restoring order.

  5. Besonders prominent ist bis heute „Avis akvāsas ka“, eine von August Schleicher von 1868 konstruierte indogermanische Fabel (vgl. dort neuere Übertragungsversuche); gemäß dem Stand der Sprachwissenschaft wurde diese Fabel wiederholt an die jeweils aktuellen Hypothesen zum Aufbau der indogermanischen Ursprache angepasst.

  6. Instructions. The search form recognizes IAU numbers, designations, names, and JPL SPK-ID numbers. When searching for a particular asteroid or comet, it is best to use either the IAU number, as in 433 for asteroid “433 Eros”, or the primary designation as in 1998 SF36 for asteroid “25143 (1998 SF36)”.

  7. 22/01/2020 · Hitler saw this as another opportunity to promote himself into the position of chancellor; however, Hindenburg instead appointed Kurt von Schleicher. Papen was dismayed by this choice as he had attempted in the interim to convince Hindenburg to reinstate him as chancellor and allow him to rule by emergency decree.