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  1. The 10 most populous cities of the United States 1. New York 2. Los Angeles 3. Chicago 4. Houston 5. Phoenix 6. Philadelphia 7. San Antonio 8. San Diego 9. Dallas 10. San Jose The sortable table below displays three lists: A list of the 100 most populous incorporated cities of the United States and Puerto Rico,

  2. Several cities such as Jakarta and Seoul have significantly larger metropolitan/urban population figures which are excluded in the UN data. [12] Tokyo has a population of 39 million (urban area) Jakarta has a population of 35 million (urban area) Chongqing has a population of 32 million (city proper)

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  3. Metropolitan area Country Population Year Notes 1 São Paulo Brazil: 21,090,792 2015 2 Mexico City Mexico: 20,892,724 2015 3 New York United States: 20,182,305 2015 4 Buenos Aires Argentina: 13,693,657 2015 5 Los Angeles United States: 13,340,068 2015 6 Rio de Janeiro Brazil: 12,280,702 2015 7 Lima Peru: 9,904,727 2015 8

  4. 14/06/2022 · Kathmandu Metropolitan City is a bowl-shaped valley in central Nepal and is bordered by four major mountains- Shivapuri, Phulchowki, Nagarjun, and Chandragiri. It is the eldest metropolitan city of the country and is in the urban core of the Kathmandu valley in the Himalayas, with the sister cities Patan in its south and Bhaktapur in its east.

  5. 07/04/2022 · The 30 largest metropolitan areas in the United States are those urban and suburban areas containing populations of more than 2 million. This list of the top 30 metropolitan areas spans from New York City to Austin; you'll note that many of the largest consolidated metros in New England stretch through multiple states.

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