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    The title of tsar (Serbian car) was used officially by two monarchs, the previous monarchial title being that of king (kralj).In 1345, Stefan Dušan began to style himself "Emperor of Serbs and Greeks" (the Greek renderings read "basileus and autokrator of Serbs and Romans"), and was crowned as such in Skopje on Easter (April 16) 1346 by the newly elevated Serbian patriarch, alongside the ...

  2. The Tsardom of Russia or Tsardom of Rus' (Russian: Русское царство, romanized: Russkoye tsarstvo, later changed to: Российское царство, Rossiyskoye tsarstvo), also externally referenced as the Tsardom of Muscovy, was the centralized Russian state from the assumption of the title of Tsar by Ivan IV in 1547 until the foundation of the Russian Empire by Peter I in 1721.

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    24/03/2022 · Moscow (Москва) — Russia's gargantuan capital is one of the world's greatest cities and has endless attractions to offer an adventurous visitor; Saint Petersburg (Санкт-Петербург) — Russia's cultural and former political capital is home to the Hermitage, one of the world's best museums, while the city centre is a living open air museum in its own right, making this city ...

  4. Back to the list of civilizations The Russian people represent a civilization in Civilization V. Symbol: Double-headed eagle Musical Theme: Montagues and Capulets (theme by Sergei Prokofiev, written and orchestrated by Geoff Knorr) Music Set: European Architecture: European Spy Names: Alexei, Lena, Dmitry, Anastasia, Tatiana, Boris, Doktor Seriy, Mikhail, Natacha, Zmeya Preferred Religion ...

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  6. The Most Famous Trains in the World 20th Century Limited The United States had several famous trains during its long history of railroad transport, but none received more attention and popularity than the 20th Century Limited – an express passenger train that ran the route between New York City and Chicago from 1902 to 1967.