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  1. Another aim was the removal of French influence from India. To achieve his political aims Lord Wellesley relied on three methods: the system of’ Subsidiary Alliances‘, outright war, and the assumption of the territories of previously subordinated rulers. Robert Clive and Warren Hastings followed the same policy. Events occurred during his tenure

    • Terms of This Alliance
    • Was The Subsidiary Alliance Advantageous to The British?
    • Why Was This Alliance Disadvantageous to The Native Rulers?
    • Conclusion

    Besides, Wellesley added the following terms to the alliance – 1. An English resident was kept at the court of the native ruler. 2. The native ruler was not allowed to employ in his service any European or a citizen of a state which was enemy of the English. 3. The native ruler could not maintain any relation with any other ruler without the approv...

    The subsidiary alliance was advantageous to the British from all points of view. It brought the following benefits to the English: 1. The influence of the French from the courts of the native rulers was completely wiped out as they could not be employed by them anymore. 2. The native rulers were separated from each other because their foreign polic...

    The alliance, however, was completely disadvantageous from the point of view of the native ruler and his subjects. A few disadvantages were as follows: 1. The native ruler gradually lost most of his fertile and strategically important territory to the English. 2. It led to the impoverishment of the subjects of the native ruler as the whole financia...

    Thus, the subsidiary alliance was harmful to the native rulers and their subjects from every point of view. The native rulers became puppets in the hands of the English. In return, the English safeguarded them both from external and internal troubles. Besides, the subsidiary alliance was a means by which, sooner or later, most of the rulers lost th...

  2. 11/11/2019 · The Subsidiary Alliance System The Indian rulers were persuaded by Wellesley to sign a friendly treaty with the English. The States in turn had to follow certain conditions. The States had to accept the English as their Supreme Power A British Resident and British subsidiary forces were to be stationed inside the State

    • Administrative Plans of Wellesley
    • Subsidiary Alliance
    • Chiefs of Maratha Empire
    To achieve his political aims, Wellesley relied on three methods i.e.
    The doctrine of subsidiary alliance was introduced by Lord Wellesley.
    Under the subsidiary alliance system, the ruler of the allying Indian State was compelled to accept the permanent stationing of a British force within his territory and to pay a subsidy for its mai...
    In reality, by signing a Subsidiary Alliance, an India state virtually signed away−
    As a consequence of Subsidiary Alliance, lakhs of soldiers and officers were deprived of their hereditary livelihood, spreading misery and degradation in the country.
    Many of the unemployed soldiers joined the roaming bands of Pindarees which were to ravage the whole of India during the first two decades of the 19thcentury.
    The Subsidiary Alliance system was, on the other hand, extremely advantageous to the British. They could now maintain a large army at the cost of the Indian states.
    The Maratha Empire (during the Wellesley time) consisted of a confederacy of five big chiefs, namely −
    The Peshwa was the nominal head of the confederacy.
    Unfortunately, the Marathas lost nearly all of their wise and experienced leaders towards the close of the 18thcentury.
    Mahadji Sindhia, Tukoji Holker, Ahilya Bai Holker, Peshwa Madhav Rao II, and Nana Phadnavis, the people who had kept the Maratha confederacy together for the last 30 years, all were dead by the yea...
  1. Anuncios
    relacionados con: lord wellesley subsidiary alliance
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