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  1. Los Angeles de Charly is a mexican cumbia group lead by vocalist Carlos Becies. The group was formed in 1999, after Charly Becies and fellow vocalists Guillermo "Memo" Palafox and Jonathan Martínez left the popular group Los Ángeles Azules and have become one of leading exporters of the romantic Mexican cumbia genre.

  2. Los ángeles de Charlie (Charlie's Angels en inglés) es una serie de televisión estadounidense emitida por la cadena ABC entre 1976 y 1981. La serie narra las peripecias de tres mujeres (los «ángeles») que dejaron el Cuerpo de Policía para trabajar en una agencia de detectives propiedad de Charles Townsend Charlie .

    • Ivan Goff, Ben Roberts
    • Policiaca
    • Los ángeles de Charlie
    • Estados Unidos
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    After the success of Police Woman, the first hour-long drama starring a woman, Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts came up with the idea for a series about three beautiful female private investigators as a breakthrough but also as an escapist television series. Producers Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg first considered actress Kate Jackson during the early pre-production stages of the series. She had proven popular with viewers in another police television drama, The Rookies. Jackson was initially cast as Kelly Garrett, but was more attracted to the role of Sabrina Duncan, and her request to switch roles was granted. Farrah Fawcett was next cast as Jill Munroe but, like Jackson, did not audition for a role. She was offered a part by Spelling after he had viewed her performance in the 1976 film Logan's Run. Jaclyn Smithwas among the hundreds of actresses who auditioned for the role of Kelly Garrett. Despite liking Smith, Spelling and Goldberg were wary about hiring her because their initia...

    In the initial concept, Sabrina Duncan, Jill Munroe, and Kelly Garrett have graduated from the police academy in Los Angeles, California. Despite proving their capability during training, all three have subsequently been assigned to be a meter maid, office worker, and crossing guard, respectively. Dissatisfied with these jobs, they are recruited to work for the Charles Townsend Agency as private investigators. All of this is explained in the opening credit sequence; neither the pilot film nor subsequent series ever actually depicted an "origin story" as they are seen to have been working as investigators for some time as of the start of the pilot. Their boss, Charlie Townsend, who nicknames them "Angels", is never viewed full-face, but is often seen from the back, mostly in the company of beautiful women. Charlie gives the Angels and his associate John Bosley their assignments via a Western Electric speakerphone; he never met them face-to-face, which leads to recurring queries from...

    Note: Jaclyn Smith and David Doyle are the only actors to appear in all 115 episodes of the series.John Forsythe does not take part in the fourth season episode "Avenging Angel".

    Over the course of its five-year run, Charlie's Angels had a series of highly publicized cast changes. The first of these took place in the spring of 1977, just after the conclusion of the first season. Fawcett turned in her resignation just before the season one finale aired on May 4, 1977. Fawcett's decision not to return for a second season triggered a lawsuit against the actress by ABC and Spelling. During the 1977 summer hiatus of the series, ABC and Fawcett entered a legal battle over her contract. At the beginning of the series, all three female leads signed five-year contracts, and the network was insistent that they live up to their commitments. Business partners Leonard Goldberg and Aaron Spelling tried to work out a deal with Fawcett and her agents. Goldberg and Spelling had arranged for her to make one film during her summer hiatuses, and her choice over subsequent television shows and miniseries. ABC even agreed to raise her salary from $5,000 to $8,000 a week, but she...

    Critical reception

    Charlie's Angels became known as "Jiggle TV". Jiggle TV was also called "Tits & Ass Television" or "T&A" for short and in the 1970s the amount of sex on television increased, as did its ratings, creating social controversies and consequences, by critics who believed that the TV series had no intelligence or substance. These characterizations stemmed from the fact that the lead actresses frequently dressed scantily or provocatively as part of their undercover characters (including roller derby...

    Public reception

    Charlie's Angels proved to be a runaway hit in the 1976–77 season in its first of five time slots, Wednesdays at 10:00pm, where it followed Baretta. Facing little competition from CBS and NBC, Charlie's Angels finished fifth in Nielsen ratings in the spring of 1977 with an average 26.0 rating. The three lead actresses were suddenly propelled to stardom, with Kate Jackson later commenting that the first few months were like being in the eye of a storm. Farrah Fawcett became hugely popular and...

    Nielsen ratings / broadcast history

    The Charlie's Angels 74-minute pilot film that aired on March 21, 1976, received enormous ratings. However, the ABC network — who thought this was one of the worst ideas for a TV series they'd ever heard — did not believe the figures and showed it again a week later to check. At the time of Spelling pitching the pilot of Charlie's Angels to the network, ABC executive Michael Eisner told Spelling that his pitch had to be "one of the worst ideas I've ever heard," and ABC Executive Barry Diller...

    Charlie's Angels played host to a number of well-known faces during its five seasons. Some of those individuals were long-established stars of film and television; others would find considerable fame and recognition many years afterappearing in the program. Notable appearances of celebrities (whether famous then or later) include those of:

    Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released all five seasons of Charlie's Angels on DVD in region one over the span of ten years, with the fifth and final season released as a Manufacture-on-Demand (MOD) release,available exclusively through & and only in the U.S. Additionally, seasons 1–3 have been released on DVD in regions 2 and 4. On August 27, 2013, it was announced that Mill Creek Entertainment had acquired the rights to various television series from the Sony Pictures library including Charlie's Angels.They subsequently re-released the first season on DVD on January 21, 2014. On September 6, 2016, Mill Creek re-released Charlie's Angels: The Complete Series on DVD in Region 1.The 20-disc set contains all 110 episodes of the series. Mill Creek released the entire series on Blu-ray for the first time in fall 2019. Note: Episode count is based on the format in which episodes originally aired. Two-hour episodes are counted as one episode.

    Attempted spin-off

    ABC attempted to create a spin-off of Charlie's Angels in 1980 called Toni's Boys. The backdoor pilot aired near the end of season four, simply titled "Toni's Boys" (season 4, episode 23). The episode starred Barbara Stanwyck as Antonia "Toni" Blake, a wealthy widow socialite and friend of Charlie's who ran a detective agency. The agency was staffed by three good looking male detectives—Cotton Harper (Stephen Shortridge), Matt Parrish (Bruce Bauer), and Bob Sorensen (Bob Seagren)—who took dir...


    The character Dan Tanna (played by Robert Urich) from the detective series Vega$ appeared in the episode "Angels in Vegas" a week before the Vega$ season one debut. The crossover was simply used to reintroduce the Dan Tanna character and to promote Vega$as an ongoing series. In the episode "Love Boat Angels", the angels went on another popular Aaron Spelling show, The Love Boat, and met the crew. Gavin MacLeod, Bernie Kopell, Fred Grandy, Ted Lange, and Lauren Tewes guest starred as their The...

    The show was first syndicated on local stations such as KTLA in Los Angeles and WNEW in New York in September 1981, and later on TNT, TV Land, Cloo, ION, Cozi TV, MeTV and getTV. As of 2021[update], all five seasons of the show can be purchased in the USA on iTunes. As of 2009[update], the series is still available for syndication to local television stations in the United States. As of 2021[update], the show is airing on the U.S. digital broadcast television networks Cozi TV and getTV and the streaming services Crackle, IMDb TV, The Roku Channel and Tubi.

    The series spawned a franchise with a film series which is a continuation of the story with new generations of Angels. It has also inspired many remakes and reinterpretations throughout the years and in different countries. It has also been featured in various other media.

  4. Los Ángeles de Charly es un grupo musical de villa guerrero dirigido por su vocalista homónimo Rodrigo "Maza" Estrada. El grupo se formó en 1999 después de que Charly Becíes y el también vocalista Guillermo "Memo" Palafox dejaran el popular grupo Los Ángeles Azules.

  5. Los Ángeles de Charly es un grupo musical de la CIUDAD DE MÉXICO liderado por su vocalista homónimo CARLOS BECIES. El grupo se formó en 1999 después de que Charly Becies y sus compañeros vocalistas Guillermo "Memo" Palafox y Jonathan Martínez dejaran el popular grupo Los Ángeles Azules.

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