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  1. low US /loʊ/ • UK /ləʊ/ adjective Word forms: lower, lowest 1. (in height) bajo to fly at low altitude volar bajo or a poca altura the dress had a very low back el vestido era muy escotado por la espalda he gave a low bow hizo una profunda reverencia a low point in his career un momento bajo en su carrera 2.a. (in volume) [voice] bajo, quedo [sound/whisper] débil, quedo turn the radio ...

  2. The value of the action can increase but also lower. El valor de la acción puede aumentar pero también inferior. In this position, we stay 3-5 seconds and gently lower. En esta posición, nos quedamos 3-5 segundos y suavemente inferior. This is followed by a lower dose of the vitamin.

  3. to reduce something: Interest rates have been lowered again. Boil for five minutes, then lower the heat and simmer for half an hour. Please lower your voice (= speak more quietly). Thesaurus: synonyms, antonyms, and examples. to make something worse than it was before: a lowering of standards.

  4. The lower () method returns a string where all characters are lower case. Symbols and Numbers are ignored.

  5. a. : situated or held to be situated beneath the earth's surface. b. capitalized : being an earlier epoch or series of the period or system named. Lower Cretaceous. Lower Paleolithic. 5. : constituting the popular and often the larger and more representative branch of a bicameral legislative body. lower house.

  6. 2. to make lower in height or level: to lower the water in a canal. 3. to reduce in amount, price, degree, or force. 4. to make less loud or lower in pitch. 5. to bring down in rank or estimation. 6. to alter the articulation of (a vowel) by increasing the distance of the tongue downward from the palate. v.i.

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