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  1. The Eisenhowers had two sons. Their first son, Doud Dwight "Icky" Eisenhower, was born on September 24, 1917. Having to care the baby on her own despite her weak health, she worked herself to exhaustion. Icky died of scarlet fever at the age of three on January 2, 1921. Mamie was devastated, and she had little to distract herself from the tragedy.

  2. He is the only grandson of Dwight D. Eisenhower, and the son-in-law of Richard Nixon by marriage to Nixon's daughter, Julie Nixon. The couple had three children: Jennie Elizabeth (born August 15, 1978), an actress, [25] Alexander Richard (b. 1980) and Melanie Catherine Eisenhower (b. 1984).

  3. Los Eisenhower tuvieron dos hijos, pero solo uno alcanzó la madurez: Doud "Icky" Dwight Eisenhower ( 24 de septiembre de 1917 – 2 de enero de 1921) murió de fiebre escarlatina. John Sheldon Doud Eisenhower (3 de agosto de 1922 – 21 de diciembre de 2013), soldado, diplomático y escritor.

  4. All of Mamie Eisenhower 's maternal ancestors were Swedish; her grandfather Carl Severin Jeremiasson, born in Halland County, Sweden in 1841, and her grandmother, Johanna Maria Andersdotter, born in Fjarar, Sweden in 1841, immigrated to the United States and settled in Boone, Iowa.

  5. Anna has two grandchildren, Camila and Nicolás Mendoza-Eisenhower, by Adriana. Anne married Wolfgang Flöttl, a billionaire hedge fund investor who once owned a Van Gogh, Picasso, and Cézanne art collection, in the 1980s. In 2018, Anne filed for divorce to Flöttl. Susan Eisenhower Susan Elaine Eisenhower was born on December 31, 1951.

  6. Image Mamie D. Eisenhower receives two blind children from the Lighthouse, (New York Association for the Blind). November 9, 1953.Ike’s heart attack in September 1955 had been traumatic for Mamie. But she had surprised those around her with her resiliency and strength.

  7. Mamie Geneva Doud was born in Boone, Iowa, on November 14, 1896. She was the second of four daughters born to John Sheldon Doud, a self-employed meat packer, and Elivera Mathilda Carlson Doud. Mamie was a happy, friendly, and charming girl. While she enjoyed school, she enjoyed after-school activities and social events even more.