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  1. Composition history The appeal of Mary Stuart and Scottish history in 19th–century Italy. In a variety of areas – drama, literature (fiction or otherwise) – England in the Tudor era (and Scotland at the time of Mary Stuart and beyond in particular, Donizetti's own Lucia di Lammermoor being an example) exerted a fascination upon continental Europeans in an extraordinary way.

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    The word monastery comes from the Greek word μοναστήριον, neut. of μοναστήριος – monasterios from μονάζειν – monazein "to live alone" from the root μόνος – monos "alone" (originally all Christian monks were hermits); the suffix "-terion" denotes a "place for doing something".

  3. Married on May 4, 1570, the couple had four sons, Ferdinand, Prince of Asturias (1571), Charles Laurence (1573), Diego, Prince of Asturias (1575), and Philip III, his eventual successor to the Spanish throne (1578), and a daughter, Maria (1580). Eight months after Maria’s birth, Anna suffered heart failure and died.